Best Christmas Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Let’s make our happiness double with a tasty and delicious Christmas Cinnamon Roll Recipe. During the Christmas holiday, I always enhance my excitement with these yummy and very soft Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls. The very smooth and creamy flavor makes it perfect for Christmas breakfast.

cinnamon roll recipe

I never forgive making these tasty and delicious Rolls to enjoy in the morning with friends and family members. What do you say about these amazing and very smooth and tasty Rolls? If I asked you love to eat on Christmas morning? I love their yummy and very aromatic flavor.

They always insisted I eat it again and again. A complete roll is eaten in one bite, it’s really amazing and tastier than other dinner rolls. Its fantastic flavor trapped me toward making and eating. Perfect and right time at Christmas to serve these amazing and very delicious Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls.

Christmas Holiday Special Recipe

I make those homemade Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls each year for the holidays. Soft, gooey, and smooth to make, they may be constantly a success with their own circle of relatives and friends!

cinnamon roll recipe

When I changed developing, my own circle of relatives constantly ate Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning. They have been smooth to pop with inside the oven as my sister and I excitedly unwrapped offers, and they have been scrumptious – gooey, soft, and smothered in candy cream cheese frosting.

Wonderful and Smooth Recipe Rolls

As an adult, my Christmas morning pleasure now not comes from what offers are below the tree. I look ahead to sharing a chilled day with my own circle of relatives, and cinnamon rolls nonetheless appear like the ideal manner to kick it off. I make this cinnamon roll recipe each year for the holidays.

cinnamon roll recipe

It’s wonderfully smooth, and the homemade cinnamon rolls are a lot higher than any you’d get at the store. Soft and gooey all the manner through, they’re jam-full of brown sugar and cinnamon. A large slather of vanilla glaze provides the ideal candy-completing touch. Make them for any excursion you celebrate, for a relaxed weekend brunch, or on every occasion, you’re yearning for something candy!

Recipe Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you need to make this smooth and tastier recipe.r

  1. For the yeast
  2. ½ cup heat water, 110°
  3. 1 teaspoon cane sugar
  4. 1 (¼-ounce) bundle of energetic dry yeast



  1. ½ cup almond milk
  2. ⅓ Cup use cane sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  4. 2¾ cups all-motive flour, plus extra for kneading
  5. ⅓ Cup melted coconut oil, plus extra for brushing


  1. ½ cup brown sugar
  2. 1½ tablespoons cinnamon


  1. 1½ cups powdered sugar 
  2. ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  3. 3 to four tablespoons of almond milk

How to make it

My cinnamon roll recipe is simple – it requires honest pantry ingredients, and also you don’t even must get out the stand mixer to make it! 

Here’s the way it goes:

First Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

First, make the dough. I desired my cinnamon roll recipe to be dairy-free, so I use coconut oil and almond milk inside the dough rather than melted butter and cow’s milk. These Christmas Cinnamon Roll Recipe are each bit as wealthy and scrumptious as everyday ones, however, they’re definitely vegan!

Second Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

After you’ve stirred the dough together and is well-shaped, rest it. At this point, the dough might be sticky and springy. Knead it on a gently floured floor till it will become smooth. Then, shape it right into a ball and region it in a massive bowl greased with coconut oil. Cover the bowl and set it apart for one hour, till the dough has doubled in size.

Third Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

Next, it’s time to roll! Turn the dough onto a gently floured floor and use a rolling pin to form it right into a massive rectangle. This form doesn’t must be perfect, however the straighter the rims are, the greater uniform your cinnamon rolls might be. Brush the rectangle with coconut oil and cowl it with brown sugar and cinnamon, leaving a border around the rims.

Fourth Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

Then, roll again! Starting at the fast quit of the rectangle, roll the dough tightly right into a log. When rolled up the all dough, put, slice it into 12 rolls. Please place them in a massive, greased baking pan, and reduce the facet up. Cover the rolls, and set them apart to upward thrust for one greater hour.

Fifth Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

Finally, bake the cinnamon roll recipe at 350° for 25-30 minutes, till they’re gently golden brown. Remove them from the oven and permit them to chill for 10 minutes.

Final Sixth Step

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

Check when they cool, Now make the glaze. Like the rolls, the ice is definitely dairy-free! It’s a tasty blend of almond milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. You can serve warm, and enjoy!

 Recipe Tips

Make positive your almond milk is at room temperature. 

Because I make those Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls with melted coconut oil as opposed to softened butter, it’s essential that your milk is at room temperature while you’re stirring collectively the moist elements for the dough. If it’s now no longer, the melted coconut oil will solidify. I want to degree the almond milk and pa it inside the microwave for 15 seconds earlier than blending it with the opposite elements. 

Let the dough rise

 And push someplace to heat. Yeast responds to warmth, so, for an additional effective upward push, stick the dough someplace of heat. We like to position ours on a sunny windowsill! 

Add the glaze while the rolls are nonetheless heated

However now no longer warm. It will soften if the rolls are too warm while you upload the glaze. If they’re too cold, it won’t unfold and ooze over them. I discover that allowing them to cool for 10 minutes brings them to the appropriate temperature. They’ll nonetheless be heated while you consume them, and the frosting will melt over them without absolutely melting. 

Make them in advance! 

To make those Christmas Recipe Cinnamon Rolls in advance of time, observe the recipe from beginning to finish, preventing earlier than you upload the glaze. Allow the rolls to chill absolutely earlier than freezing them for as much as a month. Covered in foil, they reheat flawlessly in a 350-diploma oven. Add the glaze proper earlier than you consume!

Serve and Enjoy 

You must try this amazing recipe. I, many times, make these delicious rolls on holidays and must eat them on Christmas morning. I think these Christmas Cinnamon Roll Recipe are the perfect and best breakfast forever at Christmas. During the holiday I start to make those recipes and enjoy the smooth yummy taste. You serve and enjoy their wonderful and fantastic taste with your friends and family members.

You enjoy their taste in any meal of the day, but I mostly eat in the morning breakfast to make my day perfect like this recipe.  Very delicious flavor touches your heart. I’m 100 % sure you must like this recipe, and it’s very creamy and soft flavor. 

cinnamon roll recipe roll made process

Cinnamon Roll’s amazing texture, cause of mouth-watering. You make this recipe for your special guest to serve and impress with your amazing rolls. Put on your table these yummy and tasty Cinnamon Roll recipe to enjoy the yummy and wonderful flavor.

It’s a unique and different recipe from all other recipes. You must try this delicious recipe, you never disappoint, and hurt you to make this recipe. You can also Freeze and Store these rolls to again use and enjoy any time when you want to eat. Make, serve and enjoy the yummy and very smooth recipe.


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