cinnamon apples

Cinnamon Apples recipe

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Our today is the best recipe for Cinnamon Apples. These sweet and spiced cinnamon apples are very healthy and good. Mostly used in breakfast and side dessert. It’s my favorite healthy breakfast recipe and also make it as dessert. They mostly also serve them over oatmeal, pancake, and ice creams. 

Sweet, soft, and nicely spiced, this recipe makes your day and mood happy and fresh. These easy Cinnamon apple tastes are unique. They taste like inside a warm pie. This yummy recipe is ready in just 30 minutes. I always make this dessert and also eat in the breakfast, I really love its texture and lovely taste. It is the best breakfast forever.

cinnamon apples

 It’s not full of cream, crust, batter, or crumble topping, etc. lack of these things makes it healthy and perfect for breakfast. This recipe not about the cream and many unhealthy ingredients.

This recipe is always 100 % on reach apples that make you healthy and make your breakfast yummy.  If you want to eat the apple fall flavor, you must try this delicious recipe and healthy Cinnamon Apples. I make it many times, it was really fresh and amazing. Let’s Start the recipe.


Ingredients of Cinnamon Apples recipe

    cinnamon apples

  1.  Pinch of sea salt  
  2.  ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  3.   2 tablespoons water 
  4.   1 teaspoon cinnamon  
  5.   ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  6.   1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  7.   5 apples, peeled, cored, and cut into 1-inch pieces

Here are the things you really need to make the recipe for Cinnamon Apples. So, let’s start to make our easy and tasty recipe.

cinnamon apples


Apple is the main ingredient of our today recipe. I advise you many types of apples are available in the market. Your only choose the apple you’d use in your baking recipe. Such as a Granny Smith, Gala, or Honey crisp. These varieties of apples hold their shape during the baking and do not lose their taste. Some apple during bake and cutting lose their shape and break quickly. So you choose the Best Quality apple for your recipe. For dessert, you have a sweet apple to make your dish yummy h full of sweetness. 



   Water is used to wash the apples and during the making. Water helps the apple steam and softness and increases its flavor.


Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg:

Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, these ingredients used to make our recipe more flavorful. They add a spiced taste to Cinnamon Apples


Sea salt 

 And a small pinch of sea salt according to your taste To make all the flavors pop and yummy.


Now, let’s start our today recipe:


First Step:

Wash apples properly and then start from our apples by peeling and coring. Cut the all apples into 1-inch chunks. Try to all cut all the pieces to the same size. Because of its texture from their shape. After cooking, their shape looks tastier. So cut these apples in equally. 


Second Step:

Take a saucepan add apples, water, and vinegar and cover with lead, and cook them on low heat. Water and vinegar can soften the apple more and give it a good taste after cooking. After some time, check the saucepan. Make sure the apple does not burn the bottom of the pan, so with the help of a spoon check it.


Third Step:

After 15 min again check the apples in the pan if the apples are tender so off the flame and open the pan. After that, add the spices and salt to it and mix well. Now is the time to enjoy.


How to Use and Served



The best and simplest way to enjoy this recipe that to eat warm apples. They give more flavor and a sweet taste on every bite. Starting the warm Cinnamon apple start of the stove. You can serve it as a side dish in the autumnal. You serve them in like a sweet dish best and healthy dessert. If you want any time to eat a sweet dish, you can make this recipe and better your mood and day with this sweet dish. Their amazing and simple taste gives you a delicious, yummy taste on every bite.

cinnamon apples recipe

If you want some creamy, ice cream taste you can also add topping some creamy and strawberry flavors on it and mix well according to your taste. You can also some dry fruits and walnut for the crispy and crunchy flavor. You must try this yummy and amazing simple recipe. Make and enjoy the delicious taste of Cinnamon Apples. 



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