Avocado Salad

My Favorite Avocado Salad Recipe

How like want to eat Avocado?  Mostly I want to eat Avocado Toast and Avocado Salad, both are yummy and tasty. On the weekend, I must make this delicious and very aroma flavor of Avocado Salad. Its very juicy, creamy, and very smooth flavor touched my heart.

Avocado Salad

It’s very yummy in flavor and easily make in just 5 to 10 minutes. Never forget to make this delicious recipe for every happy event to increase excitement. Its delicious flavor is perfect for eating and making recipes. 

Creamy and Delicious Recipe

A creamy tahini dressing provides a bright, nutty taste to this splendid avocado salad recipe. Serve it as an aspect dish, or experience it on its personal for lunch! This avocado salad recipe is my favorite type of issue to make. I love how all the colorful coloration plays off one another – the brilliant purple and yellow beets, the vibrant orange carrots, and the faded inexperienced avocado.

Avocado Salad

But even greater than how those components appear together, I love how they taste. The avocado is wealthy and creamy, the foundation vegetables are candy and earthy, and the watercress provides a peppery, clean kick.

Altogether, they make a lovely aspect dish that could be ideal for a unique event brunch, or dinner (or maybe an ordinary one, for that matter!). If you’re whatever like me, you’ll need to make this avocado salad recipe on repeat.

Recipe Ingredients

Here are all the ingredients you need to make this amazing and very delicious Avocado salad recipe. 

  • Sea salt 
  • Microgreens
  • 6 small beets
  • 4 small carrots
  • Tahini Dressing
  • 4 avocados, sliced
  • ¼ cup toasted pepitas
  • Freshly floor black pepper
  • 1 cup watercress or arugula

Avocado Salad Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll want to make this avocado salad recipe:


Of course, it’s the main ingredient of this recipe! You’ll want four ripe, but nonetheless firm, ones to make this recipe. 

Roasted beets and carrots 

I love how their sweet, earthy flavors play off the creamy avocados. If you can, use a combination of sizes and colors. Pink and yellow beets are terrific on this recipe, and rainbow carrots might be lovable too! 

Watercress or arugula 

The crisp, peppery leaves evaluation fantastically with the wealthy avocado and soft root vegetables

Toasted pepitas 

For crunchy and more crispy flavor.

Tahini dressing 

 It’s creamy, nutty, and bright, made with tahini, olive oil, sesame oil, garlic, and clean lemon juice.

 And salt and pepper 

To make all the flavors pop!

Salad Recipe Tips 

Buy the avocados beforehand of time. 

How to make it

Say you’re yearning for guacamole. You head to the shop to get what you want to make it – cilantro, pink onion, tortilla chips, and some flawlessly ripe avocados. But when you get to the produce section, each closing avocado looks like a rock. We’ve all been there: with avocados like that, making guac is absolutely out of the questio

Avocado Salad



The identical is going for this avocado salad! Make certain to shop for your avocados some days beforehand of time so that they have got a risk to ripen on your counter. When they’re soft, pop them inside the refrigerator till you’re geared up to make the recipe. 

Roast the vegetables the day before. 

When I make this salad, I usually roast the beets and carrots an afternoon or in advance. That way, the salad is short and smooth to assemble. Plus, the vegetables are cool. If they had been warm from the oven, they’d wilt the soft greens. 

Toast the pepitas. 

Avocado Salad

This step provides a lot of measurement to this avocado salad recipe because it brings out the pepitas’ wealthy, nutty flavor. It’s first-rate simple – simply upload the pepitas to a small skillet over low heat, and toast, stirring occasionally, till fragrant, approximately 1 minute. It’s so smooth and so really well worth it!

 Salad Serving Suggestions

This avocado salad is a terrific aspect dish. Serve it for dinner together along with your favorite protein, pasta like my Spaghetti Aglio e Olio or Tagliatelle with Asparagus and Peas, or a fresh soup, like my Asparagus Soup or Carrot Ginger Soup. It might additionally be a fantastic addition to a spring brunch menu. 

Freeze and Store

You can also freeze and store it for a week to use it. Its delicious flavor is very precious. You must try this recipe, it never disappoints you to make this delicious and wonderful recipe. You make and enjoy every time when you want to taste and make your day with sweet smooth avocado. 

Serve and enjoy

Avocado Salad is one of my favorite and most delicious recipes. Which I want to eat and enjoy daily. It’s very delicious and tastier than other salads. Its very smooth and delicious flavor traps me. Avocado Salad Is not a fruit salad, it’s very healthy and also very delicious. You make it for your special guest and any time when you want to enjoy the taste of Avocado. 

Avocado Salad


You can serve and enjoy this delicious and crispy salad with your friends and family member. It’s very perfect and the right recipe to add to the menu of any party. It mustincreas3 the excitement of parties. Not only that, but it’s crispy and the combination of their fruits with avocado impress you. Very smooth and sweet flavor salad, you must like it. 


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