instant pot rice

How I Make The Perfect Instant Pot Rice Every Time

Sooo long, rice cooker! This instant pot rice always comes out perfectly every time when you make it. Fluffy and delicious, and also flavorful on your table as a side dish. White rice mostly cooks every day in many houses. They easily cook and also taste very smooth and tasty. 

instant pot rice

I really want to do this again and again on my table. You can eat this in every dish. They can take a time to cook. But last time I tried instant pot rice to make my dish, and honestly guys I really surprised I make it very quickly and more tasty and smooth than others make other different pots. And I don’t think, so I will rice cooked since in another way. Our digital world makes everything easy, so let’s also get easy to cook everything we want. 

instant pot rice

Instant rice pot really a good thing and I don’t say anything against it. The result of this pot can’t beat any other thing. They give you a long, smooth and delicious rice to eat. It can super quick and easy to use and cook. They come out a fluffy and flavorful and yummy rice every time when you use it. If you have any instant pot, you must try it like me. They give you a 100% good result and amazing outcome rice.




  1. 2 cups White Rice 
  2. Salt 
  3. Water 
  4. Oil / Ghee


White Rice

           Take two cups of white rice. You only use our white rice, not black rice use in it. Because they take different pressure to cook.



          If you take 2 cups of rice, then use 4 cups of water to cook properly. 


        According to your taste, add salt to the water.


Oil / Ghee

        Use a little amount of oil to make it a fluffy texture and give a good flavor and fragrance. 


How to make

This is the easiest recipe because only 2, or 3 ingredients are needed. And our recipe gets ready to eat. 


First Step

This instant pot rice recipe only works for white jasmine rice and basmati rice. The other kinds of rice like brown and black rice not cooked in it because they take different times for cooking. I had never before tried to make black rice in the Instant pot. But if you have this type of rice, I will provide you with the method to cook it and instructions about this pot very soon. But you must try to cook the white rice in it.

Instant Pot Rice

Rinse the rice very well and place it in the instant pot carefully. Then pour in the water and very carefully and securely close the lid of the instant pot. 


Second Step

Now set pressure and cook on high pressure just for 3 minutes. In this less pressure just in 3 minutes, your rice gets smoothly cooked. After 3 minutes, allow the instant pot to release its pressure at room temperature naturally. When you see the pressure is to drop and then carefully open the lid of the pot.

I am sure that you can see the fluffy and yummy so long rice to can see. Now the help of a spoon or fork checks the rice cook properly. Now enjoy this delicious instant pot rice. 


Third Step

Serve this yummy rice right away and also allow getting cool to room temperature. You can also store this in any container in the fridge. For long use, you can freeze this maximum of 3 months use.


Tips for Instant pot rice

Rinse the rice very well. Always wash the rice before cooking very well. Because without rinsing the rice add to a pot its tastes not well and does not get cook smoothly and flavorful. So I always advise you to wash the rice first, then do another thing. You set the bowl of rice stover in any container and rinse it under the running water and unit to run clean water in the rice bowl. Wash before cooking as this moves away all the dirtiness over the rice to get clean. When you cook the rice comes out in an instant pot, its fragrance, and fluffy texture increase.


The scale of the pot

I always cook in my 6-quart pot of 2 cups of rice. Because it is very large on 1 cup of rice, it burned out. So I always cook 2 cups of rice. But if you have a smaller 3-quart instant pot, you can make 1 cup of rice easily without any problem. You will same cook time and rice time and ratio. In this pot your rice very quickly and easily with good texture cook. Increase the flavor and so long rice, use instant pot.

Served and Enjoy

Instant Pot Rice

You can eat this rice in many different ways you can eat this with yogurt and hot wings and also served with many different vegetables. You can eat this. Enjoy yourself with yummy and tasty instant pot rice that cooks in the instant rice pot. Their smoothness and tasty delicious flavor you always love and must try again this recipe.

You served this as a side dish and in lunch also. Enjoy it.


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