Chicken Licken Menu and Prices in South Africa

Chicken Licken Menu South Africa

Chicken Licken menu has items in Soulbites, Super Slyders Specials, Super Slyders, Just Hotwings, Soulicious Specials, Soulsister Specials, Chicken Meals, Just Chicken Licken, Original Square Slyders, Slider Specials, Chick’n Burger Top Deluxe, Salad Licken, Secret Menu, Chicky Licky, Extra Licken, Extra Licken and California Coolers in South Africa.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Super Slyders Specials
Super Slyders
Just Hotwings
Soulicious Specials
Soulsister Specials
Chicken Meals
Just Chicken Licken
Original Square Slyders
Slider Specials
Chick’n Burger Top Deluxe
Salad Licken
Secret Menu
Chicky Licky
Extra Licken
California Coolers

Min Price: R7.9
Max Price: R353
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