Classic Savory Menu and prices in Philippines

Classic Savory has menu items in Chicken, Soups, Rice and Noodles, Beef, Pork, Seafood, Vegetables, Desserts, Drinks, Drinks and Classic Affordable Group Meals in Philippines.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Rice and Noodles
Classic Affordable Group Meals


Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Savory


Is Classic Savory your business?

If this is your restaurant, you may leave your profile for future services. Take ownership of this company.

What is the cost of dining at Classic Savory?

The average cost of dinner at Classic Savory is roughly $300 per person.

Classic Savory SM City Fairview offers what kinds of dishes?

The restaurant serves Chinese cuisine.

The Classic Savory is located in which commercial district?

Classic Savory can be found in SM City Fairview.

What are the costs for the Classic Savory menu in my area?

Prices for menu items at Classic Savory range from 35 to 1645. Steamed Rice, the least expensive item on the menu, is followed by Supreme Set Meal 1, which has the highest price.

The Classic Savory menu’s pricing range at the restaurant often ranges from: $35 to $1645.


What is the website link for Classic Savory Philippines?

The official website of Classic Savory Philippines is located at


Min Price: ₱35
Max Price: ₱1645
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