Dominos Menu and prices in Australia

In Australia, Dominos offers dishes including Value Sides, Savoury Sides, Rethinkin’ Chicken, Desserts, Thickshakes, and Drinks. It also offers Value Pizza, Traditional Pizza, New Yorker Range Pizza, Vegetarian Plant-Based Pizza, Vegan Pizza, Value Sides, and Value Sides.

Australians adore pizza, and Domino is without a doubt one of the most well-known pizza restaurants in the nation. But how much does it cost to place an Australian Domino’s order?

A brief glance at the menu reveals that small pizzas start at $4.95 and huge “Supreme” pizzas go up to $22.95 per. The “Feed Your Family” package can be a fantastic choice if you’re feeding a family or want to purchase a variety of pizzas to share. For $39.95, you receive two big pizzas, one garlic bread, and a 1.25L beverage.

Dominos menu  Pizza’s Best Pizzas

Their menu is fairly wide, which might make deciding on which pizzas to order, which extra toppings to add, and which side to complement your pizza a difficult decision.

In terms of total sales, the traditional Hawaiian and Supreme Pizzas are unquestionably the most popular. 

There’s no doubting that those two pizzas are classics, and you can bet that most Australian families have ordered them at least once in the last year. Want to go a little further afield? Both the Chicken & Camembert and the Peri Peri Chicken pizzas have distinctive flavours that will make you wish there was always one more slice to go.

About Dominos Pizza Australia

started formally in 1960. In Ypsilanti, Michigan, Tom Monaghan and his brother James purchased the DomiNick’s neighbourhood pizza franchise. 

Thanks to the numerous neighbouring university students, the brothers had great success in their neighbourhood pizzeria and went on to buy two other pizzerias over the course of the following five years. After returning from a delivery in the fifth year, one of their drivers, Jim Kennedy, made the straightforward recommendation that they change the name of their stores to Dominos menu.

The brothers were enthusiastic about the change and officially renamed Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965. As a result, the now-famous Dominos menu was created and shipped all over the world.

Domino’s first crossed international borders in 1983 when it expanded into Canada and Australia. Two years later, our British pals were relishing in their first tastes of Dominos.

As you may know, borders have continued to be crossed throughout the years, with their 1,000th store opening in India alone in 2016. 

Today, the United States has over 5,500 outlets, Australia has over 700 stores, and Domino’s sells pizza at over 15,000 locations worldwide. Incredible. Since their modest beginnings, they have advanced significantly and now employ nearly 300,000 people worldwide. 

The dominance of this fast-food franchise across the globe began with pizza. The Domino’s menu you see above has evolved considerably from its days of exclusively offering Dominos Menu pizza, much like a number of other fast food menus in Australia, such as the Subway menu or the Hungry Jacks menu.

In addition to their very effective Dominos Menu pizza production machines, their restaurants also provide meatballs, meat kickers, garlic bread, oven-roasted chicken wings, and a variety of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. You can anticipate that list to evolve over time. 

Domino’s is constantly experimenting with new culinary products in search of the next big hit. One of their most recent innovations, oven-baked sandwiches, debuted in their stores in February 2018. 

Choose from 6 types of meat, Ham & Cheese, Chicken & Gravy, Chicken Bacon & Avocado, or Crispy Bacon & Sausage. These will cost you roughly $9. More precise prices for these menu items can be found in the table above.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Value Pizza
Traditional Pizza
New Yorker Range Pizza
Vegetarian Plant-Based Pizza
Vegan Pizza
Value Sides
Savoury Sides
Rethinkin’ Chicken

Dominos menu FAQ for Australia

What are Domino’s near-me menu prices?

Prices for menu items at Dominos menu range from $0.50 to $20.65. The Big Ham & Pineapple is the most expensive item on the menu, with Dipping Sauce – Sweet & Sour being the least expensive.

The Domino’s menu at the restaurant often ranges in price from:

A$0.5 – A$20.65

What is the URL for the Dominos Australia website?

The official Dominos Australia website is located at

Min Price: A$0.5
Max Price: A$20.65
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