Gloria Jeans Coffee Menu and prices in United States

Gloria Jeans Coffee Menu United States

Gloria Jeans Coffee has menu items in Fresh Brewed, Hot Classics, Specialty Hot Lattes, Iced Classics, Iced Latte Specialty, Fruit Chillers or Smoothies, Espresso Chiller Bar, Cookie Chiller Bar, Specialty Chiller Bar, Extras, Hearty Oats, Breakfast Sandwiches, Avocado Sandwiches, Pressed Wraps, Desserts, Loaf, Muffins, Muffins and Vegan Cookies in United States.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Fresh Brewed
Hot Classics
Specialty Hot Lattes
Iced Classics
Iced Latte Specialty
Fruit Chillers or Smoothies
Espresso Chiller Bar
Cookie Chiller Bar
Specialty Chiller Bar
Hearty Oats
Breakfast Sandwiches
Avocado Sandwiches
Pressed Wraps
Vegan Cookies

Min Price: $1
Max Price: $8.99
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