Hogs Breath Cafe Menu and prices in Australia

In Australia, the Hogs Breath Cafe offers dishes such as Bundles, Hogetisers, From the Grill, Burgers & Wraps, Chicken, Seafood, and Salads, as well as Hogster’s Kid’s Mains, Sauce and Dressings, Desserts, and Drinks.

Australian restaurant business Hogs Breath Cafe is known for its burgers and steaks. Scott Brown, the company’s founder, and current CEO started it in 1992. In New South Wales Port Macquarie, the first eatery debuted.

Over 100 Hogs Breath Cafes can be found in Australia as of 2019, the majority of which are in Queensland and New South Wales. A variety of burgers, steaks, salads, sides and desserts are available on the menu. Depending on the area, prices will vary, but a standard burger will run you about $15 AUD.

Hogsters are Hogs Breath Cafe’s most devoted customers. Members receive food and beverage discounts, as well as access to exclusive events and offers. There are three membership levels: bronze, silver, and gold.

About the Hog’s Breath Cafe restaurant

A multinational restaurant franchise with Australian roots is called Hog’s Breath Cafe. Don Algie and Ginger White, two brilliant entrepreneurs, started it in 1989 

when they launched their first steakhouse in the beachside community of Airlie Beach, in the Australian state of North Queensland. As a result of how delighted the customers were with their delectable meals, they opened a second location in Mooloolaba in 1990. 

Hog’s Breath Cafe has developed throughout the years with new outlets and inventive menu additions. They currently operate more than 50 stores in Australia and a smaller number in New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand.

Hog’s Breath Cafe joined with third-party delivery providers in 2018, allowing clients to order and enjoy their food from the comfort of their own homes. In the future, Hog’s Breath Company plans to expand its global footprint into additional Asian countries, as well as Europe and North America. 

Hog’s Breath Cafe is more than simply a steakhouse because of the unique culture it provides; it has become a way of life.

Hog’s Breath Cafe menu is known for its luscious steaks. In addition to its renowned steak dishes, Hog’s Breath Cafe has a comprehensive menu including chicken and seafood alternatives, burgers, wraps, spaghetti, salads, and even special kids’ meals.

All of their meals are freshly prepared to order using ingredients from nearby farmers. Enjoy their Prime Rib Steaks, which are available in three sizes and come with a choice of two sides including fries, mashed potatoes, wedges, and more. You can add some steak sauce to your meal for the best flavor. 

Don’t forget to sample their delectable coffee and hot beverages, as well as their delicate desserts, which include puddings, mud cakes, and sundaes. Hog’s restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere with a lively and amiable vibe. With so much happiness and spirit, it feels more like a party. 

You will have a memorable dining experience at Hog’s Breath Cafe, which has walls covered in gear and memorabilia. This is the place to go if you want to unwind while enjoying a delicious lunch with family and friends.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

From the Grill
Burgers & Wraps
Chicken, Seafood and Salads
Hogster’s Kid’s Mains
Sauce and Dressings

Hogs Breath Cafe menu Australia Frequently Asked Questions

What are the menu costs at Hogs Breath Cafe near me?

The menu items at Hogs Breath Cafe range in price from A$2.2 to A$95.0. The menu items range in price from the least expensive Smoky Memphis BBQ Sauce to the most expensive Bundle 4 – Hog’ster Game Feast.

The price range of Hogs Breath Cafe’s menu at the store normally ranges between:

A$2.2 – A$95.0

What is the website address for Hogs Breath Cafe Australia?

The official website of Hogs Breath Cafe Australia is https://www.hogsbreath.com.au/.

Min Price: A$2.2
Max Price: A$95
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