Jade Garden Menu and prices in UK

Starters, Soup, Chef’s Picks, Specials, Prawns, Duck, Chicken, Beef, Roast Pork, Sweet and Sour, Curry, Thai Sustainable Curry, Thai Red Shepherd’s Pie, Sambal, Ok, Dumplings, Satay, Kung Po, Plum, Foo Sila, Vegetarian, Fried Rice, Dumplings, Japanese Spaghetti Udon, English Recipes, Omelette, and D-side are among the menu items available at Jade Garden.

The Jade Garden menu Chinese restaurant in the UK offers an extensive menu of dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant is known for its fresh, made-to-order meals and friendly, helpful staff.

Jade Garden’s cuisine includes both classic Chinese dishes and modern fusion cuisine, making it an excellent choice for both casual and more formal dining. Whether you want a hearty soup or an artfully prepared stir-fry, Jade Garden menu has something for everyone.

Prices range from £4.50 for starters to £10.50 for mains, making Jade Garden menu fantastic value for money in London.

Jade Garden is a well-known Chinese restaurant business that has been supplying wonderful food to the UK for many years. Jade Garden offers an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine that will satisfy even the most discerning palate with a menu featuring a wide variety of dishes. We will go into more detail about the menu and cost of Jade Garden UK in this blog.


To start your meal, Jade Garden offers a range of delicious appetizers perfect for sharing with friends or family. The menu includes classics like spring rolls, shrimp toasties, and crispy wontons, as well as unique options like salt and pepper calamari and fried dumplings. Prices for starters at Jade Garden menu range from £4 to £7 depending on the dish.

Main Courses

When it comes to appetizers, Jade Garden has something for everyone. From traditional dishes like sweet and sour chicken and beef in black bean sauce to more daring options like spicy Szechuan shrimp and crispy chilli beef, the menu is packed with flavor. Vegetarians are also well catered for, with options like roasted mixed vegetables and tofu in black bean sauce. Main courses at Jade Garden range in price from £8 to £15 depending on the dish.

Rice and Noodles

No Chinese meal is complete without rice or noodles, and Jade Garden menu offers a wide variety of both. From egg fried rice and Singapore noodles to more unusual options like seafood fried rice and crispy noodles with mixed vegetables, there’s something for everyone. Rice and pasta prices at Jade Garden range from £4 to £8.


To finish off your meal, Jade Garden menu offers a small selection of desserts perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Options include banana fritters with ice cream, fried sesame balls, and Chinese-style fruit salad. Dessert prices at Jade Garden menu range from £3 to £5.


To accompany your meal, Jade Garden menu offers a wide range of beverages including soft drinks, beer, wine, and spirits. Drink prices at Jade Garden menu range from around £2 to £5, depending on the type of drink.

Overall, Jade Garden menu offers an excellent selection of Chinese dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning diners. With affordable and reasonable prices, Jade Garden is a great choice for those looking for a delicious and authentic UK meal. So next time you like Chinese food, why not try Jade Garden? You won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Chef’S Recommendations
Specils Dishes
King Prawn Dishes
Duck Dishes
Chicken Dishes
Beef Dishes
Roast Pork Dishes
Sweet and Sour Dishes
Curry Dishes
Thai Green Curry Dishes
Thai Red Curry Dishes
Sambal Dishes
Ok Dishes
Szechuan Dishes
Satay Dishes
Kung Po Dishes
Plum Dishes
Foo Yung Dishes
Vegetarian Dishes
Fried Rice Dishes
Chow Mein Dishes
Japanese Udon Noodle Dishes
English Dishes
Side Dishes
Kids Meal

Jade Garden UK FAQ

What are the menu costs at Jade Garden near me?
Menu items at Jade Garden range in price from £1.0 to £8.6. The menu items range in price from the least expensive Beer Can to the most expensive Beef Steak Cantonese Style.
The price range of the Jade Garden menu at the store is normally between:

£1.0 – £8.6
What is the URL for the Jade Garden UK website?
The official website of Jade Garden UK is http://www.jadegarden.org.uk/.

Min Price: £1
Max Price: £8.6
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