Nanny Bills Menu and prices in UK

Nanny Bills Menu UK

In the UK, Nanny Bills offers Meal Deals, Burgers, Plant Powered (VE), Our Famous Croquettes, Sides, Sauces, and Drink.

Nanny Bills is a restaurant in the United Kingdom that serves a wide range of menu items at reasonable prices. The restaurant is well-known for its freshly prepared food and friendly service. Nanny Bills menu serves a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a children’s menu. 

The restaurant serves an à la carte menu as well as a set menu, both of which are reasonably priced. The à la carte menu offers a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, whereas the set menu offers three courses for a fixed price. The food is always fresh and delicious, and the prices are very reasonable.

It also means that excrement becomes regular and only happens once a day once more, and your pee doesn’t appear as like you’ve inhaled a pail full of crushed-up Berocca.

It also means that I behave strangely, such as walking from Baker Street to Kentish Town on a Sunday solely to count how many bicycles ignore the red lights (I counted 7). Oh, and I get to criticize folks once more for drinking alcohol in January when I pass the Wetherspoons (and have to use their restroom because I need to urinate more now that I don’t have a hangover yet still have tonnes of toxins to discharge).

Actually, I’m already passing judgment on Wetherspoons customers. Also, Dyson. Also, Reebok. Also, Phones4U. Valerie from Patisserie. JML, too. As well as Argent Group Foyles. And then there was Noved. As well as Numis Securities. In addition, C Hoare & Co. Odey Asset Management is another. JCB, too. These are the only companies I’ve found that support Brexit. Because of Brexit, I will never buy another JCB.

Consider this: I’m likely to gain some new readers this week, and this is how I’ll introduce them. People, things will get worse before they get better. Did I mention I forgot to put deodorant on before going for a walk?

So what else does Dry January mean?

Escalator walking will eventually transition to escalator walking up. Yes, a meme of a chubby man riding an escalator is on the way.

It’s also the time of year when you go to the bar, inquire about their most interesting soft drink, and then simply get an apple juice. 

You could give Dry January a try, friend, as you glance down at the guy sitting there by himself enjoying his fourth pint of the day. I almost reached 10,000 steps today, by the way. Go me! Even yet, as I attempted to switch lines, half of them were in King’s Cross subterranean station. Maybe I should have chosen a different phrase for Dry January than “lines”? Wait… It’s okay to snort crystal meth during Dry January, right?

Oh, and when I get back home on a Sunday evening, it’s time to write reviews. And recall what I ate. And not beginning blogs with cheesy Eurodance, as The Ketchup Girls did. Oh no, I need to message my Spanish friend back, please wait…

About Nanny Bills Menu and prices in the UK

So, I’ll pretend it’s a pint of beer. It was a good reminder that I enjoy the taste of apple juice and will despise it by the end of January, let alone Easter when my be-a-slightly-less-fat-bastard detox concludes/pauses until next January. It’s also only £2.50 a pint – some places charged me more than £4.00 last year, albeit apologetically.

We sat down on the very uncomfortable chairs to look at the menu when my accomplice showed up and requested I to go to the bar to order a drink of water for him. Although it wasn’t exactly what took place, hey, I’m not pretending to be the owner of a ferry company. Nevertheless, my fictitious brother does own JCB. 

The restaurant appeared to be more geared around drinking and having a good time at night than serving food, and Nanny Bill’s currently has a subcontract to provide such services. Nanny Bill’s appears to be one of these roving food businesses, serving up meals in locations like Last Days of Shoreditch and maintaining a residency at The Abbey Tavern (as well as Farr’s in Dalston, but without the roasts).

I suppose they won’t be at The Abbey Tavern forever, so this review won’t be valid either… It’s more of a review of Nanny Bill’s than of The Abbey Tavern.

There was rump beef, chicken, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, and a nut roast for veggies, all priced between £12.50 and £15.50. I’m guessing I won’t be praising competitive pricing all that much this year. Except after Brexit, when we’ll all be fabulously wealthy. Or possibly very poor following an economic disaster, which appears to be a good thing because change is good. That’s exactly what I’ll tell my future wife if I get a sex change.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Meal Deals
Plant Powered (VE)
Our Famous Croquettes

Nanny Bills Menu UK FAQ

What are the Nanny Bills menu prices near me?

Prices for menu items at Nanny Bills menu range from £1.0 to £55.0. Nanny Bill’s Roast Chicken Mayo is the cheapest item on the menu, and 4 Burgers, 3 Fries, and 6 Croquettes are the priciest.

The Nanny Bills menu at the shop often ranges in price between:

£1.0 – £55.0

What is the URL for Nanny Bills UK?

The official Nanny Bills menu UK website is located at


Min Price: £1
Max Price: £55
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