PF Chang’s Menu and prices in UK

PF Chang’s Menu UK

In the United Kingdom, PF Chang’s menu serves Starters, Noodles, Salads, Main Courses, Sides, and Dessert.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Chinese cuisine, you should go to PF Chang’s. This well-known restaurant chain provides a diverse menu selection at reasonable prices. PF Chang’s menu is poised to become a popular lunch and dinner option for Londoners looking for a quick, tasty meal, with a focus on fresh, made-to-order food.

Sesame chicken, Dali chicken, Chang’s chicken, Mongolian beef, Kung Pao chicken, and Kung Pao shrimp are among the chicken dishes on the menu. They also serve a variety of shrimp dishes, such as honey shrimp and crispy prawns.

PF Chang’s is certain to offer something to sate your craving no matter what you’re in the mood for.

On the menu, lemon chicken, kung pao chicken, and Mongolian beef are some of the most well-liked items. You can use a helpful tool on PF Chang’s menu UK website to find out the nutritional facts for each dish.

So be sure to visit PF Chang’s menu website right now, whether you’re seeking a delicious dinner or just want to learn more about what they have to offer.

Ambience & Décor

The cosy interior is unremarkable and uninspiring. There are many different shades of wood, ranging from mahogany to beech, but you can tell they spent more money on the food than the décor. The low lighting is intended to create an atmosphere, but the raucous packed atmosphere did not match the intimate vibe PF Chang’s was going for. The restaurant was too loud for me. So far, nothing noteworthy.


The service was terrible. Firstly, we had an intensive wait to be seated despite having a reservation. Strike 1. The waiter was implausibly dismissive once we tried to grab their attention. Strike 2. we tend to communicate our dissatisfaction with the poor service and also the manager got defensive and everlasting the “busy night”. Strike 3. I don’t care how busy you are, an eating house ought to be ready to seamlessly perform at full capacity, and PF Chang’s crumbled. Be warned, readers!


Handsewn Pork Dumplings (right) weren’t soggy however they did lack inherent flavour in the pork filling. The soy and chile mash was required to stimulate it. Additionally, for £10.50, I wanted quite four dumplings.

The Mongolian Beef was beefsteak items that were overcooked and chewy. Sadly the dark soy and spring onions couldn’t mask that. Thus the meat was terribly average, and for the price, very overrated.

Chicken mince that had been seared with hoisin sauce, mushrooms and spring onions, and served aboard lettuce cups and soy sauce. The filling was quite dry and though the sauce was a saviour, the fixings let this dish down.

Chicken wings that had been coated with a sticky and sweet sauce of chile jam and province spice. As I bit into the wings, I was instantly shelved by the “not fresh” style of the chicken and also the marinade didn’t do well to mask the taste either.

A tuna and ahi tuna, black truffle filled, dish roll that had been finished off with slivers of avocado and salmon. though I’d have just liked the pungency of the black truffle to return out more, the rainbow roll on the entire was decent.

item of rib-eye cut of meat that had been cooked in a cooking pan and served with potatoes, grape tomatoes, and onions. The rib-eye was exceptionally therefore with a pleasant refined flavour returning in from the black sauce and garlic glaze, however, I’d have liked it to be saucier.

deep-fried chicken pieces that had been coated in a chile marinade and served with firm-cooked peanuts and red Szechwan dried chillies. Szechuan chillies are well-known to be a killer, so I expected this dish to be fiery hot. Weirdly, in a sensible and not therefore good way, the dish didn’t have that killer chile kick as I expected, however, it was all the same one among the higher mains.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Main Courses

PF Chang’s UK FAQ

What are the PF Chang’s menu prices near me?

PF Chang’ has menu item prices between £2.25 and £13.95. Menu things vary from the lowest priced item homespun frozen dessert to the highest priced item the initial Dynamite Shrimp.

the worth range of the menu of PF Chang’ at the shop usually varies between:

£2.25 – £13.95

What is PF Chang’s menu UK Website Link?

PF Chang’s menu UK official website is


Min Price: £3.5
Max Price: £13.95
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