Sabbaba Menu and prices in Australia

Sabbaba Menu Australia

Pita bread, bowl, or plate Sabbaba’s menu in Australia includes Pimped Up Pita Pockets, Seasons Salads, Soup, Super Bowl and Amazing Plate, Sides, Pita Bundles, Dips, Condiments & Additional, Treats, and Drinks.

Sabbaba menu is the place to go if you’re in the mood for some delectable Middle Eastern cuisine. This well-known food company provides a selection of bowls and pitas at affordable costs. And now, wherever you go, you can taste Sabbaba’s fantastic food owing to its recent expansion into Australia.

So why are you still waiting? Visit Sabbaba now to see their cuisine for yourself. You won’t be let down, trust us.

Details about the Sabbaba cuisine

Sabbaba likes to keep things simple. Sabbaba’s cuisine philosophy is summed up wonderfully in their tagline: “Middle Eastern Street Food that’s beneficial for the heart, body, and soul.” Sabbaba menu has a strong emphasis on letting the meals speak for themselves, creating dishes from age-old traditions with a focus on whole foods and fresh ingredients. 

When you walk into the shop, the nutty fragrance of crispy falafel and fresh-baked pita bread transports you to the Mediterranean. Be delighted by the brilliant hues of their many salad variations and range of homemade dips. Leave with a full tummy, contented and joyful.

If you want a quick, easy supper that fills you up and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied, come here. Sabbaba menu makes it simple for you to enjoy the charm of the Middle East with four locations around Sydney at Bondi Beach, Spring Street, Westfield Sydney, and Bondi Junction which also provide delivery through Ubereats.

The options on the Sabbabas menu are straightforward, just like its food. following are three quick steps: Prior to ordering, choose between a pita wrap, a bowl, or a platter. The second step is to choose one of the eight available proteins.

If you eat meat, you can choose from fish, lamb, beef, or chicken, or falafel and halloumi if you want a vegetarian option. Third, select a style, which will decide the salad and dip combinations you receive. Choose the trademark Sabbaba style for a traditional Middle Eastern experience, or the Cancun and Koh Samui versions for a more experimental palate. 

If you’re feeling really peckish, get a side of sweet potato chips and a soft drink or juice to wash it all down. This is excellent Middle Eastern comfort cuisine in a single box.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Pita, Bowl, or Plate
Pimped Up Pita Pockets
Seasonal Salads
Super Bowl and Super Plate
Pita Packs
Dips, Condiments & Extras

FAQ for Sabbaba Australia

What is the cost of the Sabbaba menu close to me?

Prices for menu items at Sabbaba range from A$1.5 to A$28.9. White Pita Bread is the cheapest item on the menu, while Super Plate is the most expensive.

The Sabbaba menu’s price range at the shop often ranges from:

A$1.5 – A$28.9

What is the website link for Sabbaba Australia?

The official website for Sabbaba Australia is


Min Price: A$1.5
Max Price: A$28.9
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