Shakeaway Menu and prices in UK

Shakeaway Menu UK

Size Matter, Extra Ice-cream, Smoothies Re-invented, Hot Stuff Winter, and Hot in the UK are just a few of the menu options offered by Shakeaway.

Shakeaway is a well-known chain of milkshake restaurants in the UK. Along with other drinks and snacks, they provide a large variety of shake flavors and toppings. You may also completely personalize your shake from a large variety of options. There is something for everyone at this well-liked establishment with over 200 flavors to pick from. They frequently have special offers and discounts available, and the pricing of their goods are very fair.

Shakeaway has you covered whether you want a classic chocolate or strawberry milkshake or something more adventurous like cookies and cream or banana and honey. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, they offer shakes with up to three different flavors – ideal for when you’re stuck!

So, the next time you’re craving something sweet, stop by Shakeaway. There’s no reason not to, with their tasty shakes and reasonable prices!

Shakeaway Updated Menus

They have many delicious new fall milkshakes made with frozen yogurt without 100t. Their updated menu items are  Halloween Fruity Sweet, Spooky Skye, Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla, Shakeaway Special Coffee, Chocolate Muffins, Candy, Cake, Sour Apple, Banana with raspberries, and espresso. 

 Shakeaway Milkshakes 

 Shakeaway’s menu in the UK is best known for its creamy, delicious, and flavorful milkshakes. Anything with or without cream is called a milkshake in the UK. Shakeaway milkshakes come in many flavors. They have almost 180 different milkshake flavors and all the milkshakes are handmade. That’s why people want to join a  milkshake bar to drink delicious and rich milkshakes. All milkshakes are healthy as they are made with whole milk and other finest ingredients. The best Shakeaway shakes are Strawberry Milkshakes, Chocolate Milkshakes, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint Chips, Cherry Blueberry, and Dave’s Milkshake.

Shakeaway Calories Menu

For accurate and specific information on Shakeaway’s calorie menu items, you should visit the official website. It can vary depending on the ingredients they used to prepare their menu items. On their website, they list the standard calories for their recipe, which may vary if you customize your menu item. All nutritional information for shakeaway menu items changes over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please contact the restaurant team.

 Dave Milkshake 

 Dave Milkshake is one of Shakeaway’s most popular milkshakes. It’s very rich, tasty, and has 160 calories. It’s the most requested shakeaway because people in the UK love it. The ingredients for the Dave Shakeaway are vanilla ice cream, ½ cup M&M’s, ¼ cup whole milk, whipped cream for topping, and M&M’s for topping. 

Vanilla Milkshake 

Vanilla is a smooth, creamy, and flavorful blend of vanilla ice cream, milk, and whipped cream. It’s one of the most profitable shakes at a shakeaway menu restaurant. The classic vanilla milkshake is so easy to make with three simple ingredients like milk, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla extract. It’s very healthy and tasty because it has 572 calories.

Strawberry Milkshake

The strawberry shake flavor is one of the best shakes on the shake map. It is one of the most delicious, flavorful, and delicious smoothies and is loved by all people in the world. It is made from fresh milk and just like other fresh ingredients. Strawberry smoothies are the best for health as they contain vitamin C and are a high source of potassium and magnesium. Strawberry-flavored milkshakes are sweet, tasty, and refreshing, without a doubt the best summer drink. The ingredients for a delicious, flavorful, and delicious Strawberry  Shake are 225g strawberry, 300 ml cold milk, 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream, and extra strawberries for serving. 

 About Shakeaway Menu UK 

 Shakeaway Café was founded in 2010 by Peter Dicken and Stephen Jensen. It has since grown into the world’s leading and most profitable shake company. There are 30 Shakeaway stores across the UK by the end of September. 

 England has the largest number of Shakeaway stores in the UK with 29 stores, accounting for around 97% of all Shakeaway stores in the UK. They have a menu price range from a high-priced menu item to a budget item, with the item price ranging from £0.49 to £4.75.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Size Matter
Extra Ice-cream
Smoothies Re-invented
Hot Stuff Winter

Shakeaway UK FAQ

How much does the Shakeaway menu cost close to me?

The cost of a menu item at Shakeaway ranges from £0.49 to £4.75. Extra Ice-cream is the least expensive item on the menu, whereas the most expensive item is Smoothies Invented anew – Large.

The Shakeaway menu’s price range at the shop often ranges from:

£0.49 – £4.75

What is the URL for the Shakeaway UK website?

The official Shakeaway UK website may be found at

Min Price: £0.49
Max Price: £4.75
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