Slug and Lettuce Menu and prices in UK

Slug and Lettuce have menu items like Lunch or dinner, Children’s Brunch, Hot Drinks Coffee, Flavored Coffees Teas, Boosters, Networkers, Salads, Feel-Good Food, Plantains, Sandwiches, Electrics, Bit on the Side, Patties, Grills and Sweet treats in the UK.

Looking for a cheap restaurant in the United Kingdom? Slug and Lettuce is the answer! This popular restaurant chain has something for everyone, with a wide variety of menu items to choose from. Prices for a main course start at £4.95 and go up from there, making it an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

They serve kichdi, sausages and puree, open chicken pie, fish fingers, yorkshire pudding, chicken tikka masala, vegetarian lasagne, and beef lasagne, among other things.

There are numerous burger options on the Slug & Lettuce Burger menu. A classic burger with beef, cheese, and bacon is known as the Classic Beef Burger. A chicken burger with cheese and bacon is known as the Chicken Burger. The Topless Beef Burger is a burger with beef, cheese, and bacon on top but no bun. A beef burger with bacon and cheese is known as the Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger. A beef burger with deli meats, cheeses, and pickles is called a “Deli Beef Burger.” The Veggie Burger is a cheese- and pickle-topped veggie burger.

If you’re searching for a quick and simple dinner, there are several alternatives on the Slug and Lettuce sandwich menu. For those looking for a hearty sandwich, the Philly Flat-iron Steak Sandwich is a great option. The Melted Cheese Sandwich is ideal for those looking for a lighter sandwich. The Veggie Burrito is an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy and tasty meal. The BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito is ideal for anyone looking for a filling and flavorful burrito. The Deli Ciabatta is an excellent choice for those looking for a tasty and filling sandwich.

A traditional Lebanese dish made with shredded chicken, hummus, tahini sauce, and garlic is the Chicken Tostada. The Spicy Meat Feast Tostada features beef and lamb kebabs with tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, and olives. With mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and cream cheese, the vegetarian Four-cheese & Slow Roasted Tomato Tostada is delicious.

Slug And Lettuce Menu’s Famous Items

You probably already know that every restaurant has a few menu items that are popular with its customers. Due to its extensive menu of well-known and delicious menu items, Slug and Lettuce are well-known among fans of fast food. The top Slug and Lettuce menu items in the UK are listed below.

Give us a call if you need help choosing from Slug and lettuce’s extensive, delectable menu. Request a recommendation from a slug and lettuce restaurant in your area, or scroll down to see a selection of the most well-known slug and lettuce dishes.

Halloumi Frie

In 2023, halloumi fries are a popular dish on the Slug & Lettuce menu. Halloumi Fries are Middle Eastern-style mozzarella sticks made with only four ingredients: flour, eggs, panko, and non-melting halloumi. Halloumi is a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese made in Cyprus from cow, sheep, or goat’s milk.

It can be eaten raw, but it is truly delicious when cooked. It is an excellent choice for grilling or frying due to its high melting point. If you like cheese, you must try this at your local Slug and lettuce restaurant.

About Slug And Lettuce In The UK

A large number of Slug and Lettuce outlets can be found throughout South East England and London. As of 2017, there are 70 outlets altogether. In 1985, Hugh Corbett opened Islington’s first Slug & Lettuce. He worked to make the public house environment better at a time when standards were often subpar.

By using “female-friendly” décor, the bars, which are targeted at a younger population, want to draw in an equal number of men and women. The chain has stayed relevant by always adapting to the demands of the market. The Stonegate Pub Company, based in Luton, Bedfordshire, currently owns the company after having had various different owners throughout the years.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Children’s Breakfast
Hot Drinks Coffee
Hot Drinks Teas
Feel-Good Food
Bit on the Side

Slug and Lettuce UK FAQ

What are the menu prices for Slug and Lettuce near me?

Menu prices at Slug and Lettuce range from £2.15 to £14.49. The menu items range in price from the most affordable Espresso to the most expensive 10oz Rib-Eye Steak.

The menu of Slug and Lettuce at the store is generally priced between:

£2.15 – £14.49

What is the website link for Slug and Lettuce UK?

The official website of Slug and Lettuce UK is

Min Price: £2.15
Max Price: £14.49
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