Subway Menu and prices in UAE

Subway Menu and prices in UAE

Whether it’s game day with friends, a meeting at the office, or a block party for the neighborhood, SUBWAY® Restaurants has everything you need to make your next event a delicious success.

Subway has menu items in Signature Wraps, Bundles, Breakfast Promotions, New Items, 6 Inch Meals, Footlong Meals, 6 Inch Sandwiches, 7 Inch Sandwiches, 8 Inch Sandwiches, 9 Inch Sandwiches, 10 Inch Sandwiches, 11 Inch Sandwiches, 12 Inch Sandwiches, 13 Inch Sandwiches, 14 Inch Sandwiches, 15 Inch Sandwiches, 16 Inch Sandwiches, 17 Inch Sandwiches, 18 Inch Sandwiches, 19 Inch Sandwiches, Footlong Sandwich, Signature Salads, Salads, Subway Savers, Breakfast, Catering And Platters, Side Orders, Side Orders and Drinks in UAE Subway Menu and prices in UAE.

Salads and sandwiches from Subway are very well known for their deliciousness. Sandwiches, protein bowls, signature wraps, salads, breakfast sandwiches, salads, sides, and beverages are all available at Subway. At Subway, you may choose between 6 and 12-inch sandwiches. At Subway, a full dinner costs about $20.


This was reduced to a top-down view of the Subway menu. The following lists the whole menu. In addition, you may find other useful information on this site, such as dietary records, contact information, and franchising information. Let’s take a quick look at their history before moving on to their menu.


Subway is an American restaurant chain that was founded on August 28, 1965, by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. Subway founded its first store in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States, and it is today the world’s fastest-growing franchise, with 44,800 locations.


Subway’s cuisine focuses mostly on sandwiches, wraps, and salads. If you go to Subway for breakfast, you may have excellent options such as bacon, egg, and cheese footlong with regular egg, egg, and cheese. 6-inch with regular egg, steak, egg, and cheese 6-inch with a regular egg, and much more.


Black forested area ham, egg, & cheese is among Subway’s top-notch breakfast options. Choose between a 6″ sandwich, which costs $4.19, and a footlong sandwich, which costs about $6.19. It has an egg, melted cheese, and delicious black forest ham wrapped in toasted flatbread. You will have the greens you seek with this sandwich.

The unique thing about subway is that they only utilize fresh ingredients and bread in their sandwiches and other goods. Additionally, they use the motto “Eat Fresh,” positioning themselves as a healthy alternative to traditional fast-food restaurants. They have a younger and more active group of workers as a majority of their group of workers is compromises of university students.


Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Signature Wraps
Breakfast Promotions
New Items
6 Inch Meals
Footlong Meals
6 Inch Sandwiches
7 Inch Sandwiches
8 Inch Sandwiches
9 Inch Sandwiches
10 Inch Sandwiches
11 Inch Sandwiches
12 Inch Sandwiches
13 Inch Sandwiches
14 Inch Sandwiches
15 Inch Sandwiches
16 Inch Sandwiches
17 Inch Sandwiches
18 Inch Sandwiches
19 Inch Sandwiches
Footlong Sandwich
Signature Salads
Subway Savers
Catering And Platters
Side Orders

Timing: Monday-Saturday 🕓 8:00am – 🕓 12:00am
Sunday 🕓 8:00am – 🕓 12:00am
Min Price: AED5
Max Price: AED320
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