TGI Fridays Menu and prices in UK

In the UK, TGI Fridays serves meals that include two meals for the price of one, appetizers, entrées, sides & sauces, desserts, and beverages.

Popular American restaurant franchise TGI Friday’s serves a wide range of meals and beverages. There are appetizers, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, chicken, pasta, and desserts on the menu. The cost of these dishes varies by location, however, a dinner at TGI Fridays menu in the UK typically costs around £10. 

TGI Friday’s is a terrific spot to eat out whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a night out on the town because there are so many excellent options available.

TGI Friday’s menu and prices vary by nation, but in the United Kingdom, TGI Friday’s serves a selection of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. Starters cost between £4 and £6. The main course costs between £8 and £10. Desserts range in price from £3 to £5. Drinks range from £2 and £3.50.

Calamari, nachos, wings, and soup are among the appetizers available at TGI Friday’s UK. Burgers, pasta, salads, and steak are among the main meals. Brownies, cheesecake, and ice cream are among the dessert options. Sodas, juices, smoothies, and milkshakes are examples of beverages.

Since its first restaurant debuted in London in 1986, TGI Friday’s has been a popular destination for American-style burgers in the UK. In recent years, the chain’s burger menu has evolved to include a number of various varieties and toppings.

TGI Friday’s provides a burger to suit your taste, whether you’re craving a traditional cheeseburger or something more daring. You can even create your own burger at this chain, making it precisely how you like it.

TGI Fridays™ Kicks Off 2020 with Dinners for Two Starting at $20

PRNewswire — DALLAS, Jan. 14, 2020 — TGI Fridays have always welcomed Customers of All Colors. People and the world felt more separated than ever before last year, thus Fridays have announced that it will begin 2020 by providing people more opportunities to get together, beginning with the debut of Fridays Feast. 

Beginning January 13, customers can visit their favorite local Fridays and enjoy a three-course meal for two (two apps + two entrees + two desserts) for as little as $20. This meal option is a great and inexpensive choice for visitors who have vowed to spend more time together with friends and family at a lower cost.

Cindy Syracuse, vice president of marketing at TGI Fridays, said, “We are thrilled to welcome visitors to join together over Fridays Feast.” “Fridays is aware that offering a fantastic dinner at a reasonable cost presents a worthwhile chance for everyone to eat together more frequently. 

Additionally, we unwind, converse, and share while we eat together. The goal of Fridays is to build community while also enjoying a delicious dinner.”

Friday’s Feast is straightforward. To create their own three-course dinner, which consists of two personal-sized appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts, guests can choose from a large range of options.

Every Friday Feast includes two personal-sized chocolate bundt cake desserts.

“Fridays Feast brings everyone together with ‘can’t-miss’ values and diversity to satisfy everyone’s tastes,” Syracuse added. “They’re even better when combined with one of the month’s featured beverages, such as Bud Platinum Beer, our Holiday Blues cocktail, or an Aviation Gin French 75 as a toast to making 2020 a year to remember.”

Price and participation may differ depending on location. Where forbidden by law, this offer is void. Orders for delivery are not accepted. There are no alternatives for side dishes, entrees, or desserts. Please remember to celebrate responsibly.

Regarding TGI Fridays menu 

TGI Fridays established its first restaurant in New York City in 1965. More than 50 years later, Fridays now has more than 800 locations spread over 60 different countries, serving you authentically American food of the highest caliber and legendary cocktails backed by friendly service. 

Our guarantee that “In Here, It’s Always Friday®” is fundamentally based on bringing people together to mingle and celebrate the spirit of “Friday.” For additional information and to download our mobile app, go to Follow Fridays Rewards SM on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

2 Meal Deals
Kids Meals
Sides & Sauces

TGI Fridays menu UK Frequently Asked Questions

What are the menu costs at TGI Fridays near me?

Menu prices at TGI Fridays menu range from £0.99 to £15.75. The menu items range in price from the least expensive BBQ Sauce (VG) to the most expensive Fridays Sesame Chicken Strips with House.

The price range of TGI Fridays menu at the store normally ranges between:

£0.99 – £15.75

What is the website link for TGI Fridays in the United Kingdom?

The official website of TGI Fridays menu UK is

Min Price: £0.99
Max Price: £15.75
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