Xs Espresso Menu and prices in Australia

Xs Espresso Menu Australia

Biscoff Kitkat Range, Mains Lunch, Burgers, Pasta, Fries, Littles, Pancakes, Desserts Breakfast/Lunch, Donuts/Pastries/Cakes, Acai, XS Shakes, XS Favourites, Protein Shakes, Drinks, and Hot Drinks are all available at Xs Espresso in Australia.

With the inauguration ofXs Espresso Menu, Australia has entered a new age of coffee. This one-of-a-kind coffee shop serves a broad variety of espresso-based beverages, as well as delectable burgers and pastries. The menu is reasonably priced, making it ideal for a fast supper or snack. Whether you’re searching for a quick caffeine fix before work or a calm space to meet up with friends, Xs Espresso menu is likely to become your new favorite hangout.

Smoothies, Energy Buzz, Berry Blast, Super Green, Pineapple and Mint, Watermelon, Orange, Soft Drinks, Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha, Iced Latte, Iced Long Black, Cold Drip-XS Caffeine Hit, and Still Water are just a few of the menu items offered by Xs Espresso Drinks in Australia.

About Xs Espresso Menu and prices in Australia

XS Espresso began in 2015 as a tiny freestanding café in Sydney’s West, catering to the Wetherill Park neighborhood. Roky Gorgees established it, and the idea came to him when he was working as a Manager in a telecommunications business. He was dissatisfied with the lack of quality coffee at the time and was determined to alter the game. 

XS Espresso has been dedicated to establishing itself as a reputable brand with its extremely tasty delights since its start. XS Espresso menu is home to Australia’s first chocolate kebab machine, which Roky brought back from his trip to Italy. Their success is built on continuous innovation.They continually update their menu to prevent clients from becoming tired of the same old dish. However, what sets them apart from the competition are their longer business hours and superior customer service. 

XS Espresso has been successful in building a base of devoted patrons. It was named the Australian Cafe of the Year in 2018. Additionally, they have received public nominations for and won a number of regional business awards. There are already 13 locations for them in Sydney and Newcastle, and a few more will likely open soon.

Australia’s award-winning and rapidly expanding café XS Espresso. From early-morning coffee to late-night treats, they provide everything you need to sate your appetites all day long.

Toasts, pancakes, croissants, benedicts, burgers, hotcakes, and more are available for breakfast. Extras like as eggs, bacon, prawns, chicken, and mushrooms can also be requested. Lunch options include salads, wraps, spaghetti, burgers, and a variety of other delectable foods. Kids can also order scrambled eggs, cheeseburgers, nuggets, chips, and other items. 

Vegan and gluten-free choices are also available on the XS Espresso menu. Check out their super bowl or get some perfectly cooked steak for supper. What’s special at night is their selection of pizzas, which may be paired with chips, wedges, or spring rolls as sides. Satisfy your sweet taste with their delectable desserts, which include waffles, churros, pancakes, acai, and Nutella-covered crepes.

The biggest draw are the enormous jars they use to offer a variety of beverages, including milkshakes, smoothies, fresh juice, cold drinks, and hot drinks. Each XS Espresso location has attractive lighting and a good aesthetic. They have various plants in their stores as well. XS Espresso is the ideal location for a leisurely eating experience since it combines modern elegance with a welcoming atmosphere.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Biscoff Kitkat Range
Mains Lunch
Desserts Breakfast/Lunch
XS Shakes
XS Favourites
Protein Shakes
Hot Drinks



How much does the Xs Espresso menu cost near me?

The menu items at Xs Espresso range in price from A$0.5 to A$28.0. The menu items range in price from the least expensive Carrot Cake to the most expensive Angus Sirloin.

The prices on the Xs Espresso menu at the shop often range between:


A$0.5 – A$28.0


What is the URL for the Xs Espresso Australia website?

The official website of Xs Espresso Australia is https://xsespresso.com.au/.


Min Price: A$0.5
Max Price: A$28
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