christmas crack recipe

Best Ever Christmas Crack Recipe

Christmas Crack Recipe is my overall favorite recipe. During the Christmas holidays, mostly make this delicious recipe to enhance the excitement of the event. Christmas Crack Recipe how like this recipe and mostly make like me at Christmas? Amazing and very delicious taste always insisted I make this recipe.

christmas crack recipe


The amazing texture and very aroma flavor are very impressive. You must try to make this amazing recipe. The very sharp and very creamy flavor win my heart. You also give your friends and family members as a gift. My family also loves this recipe. My Christmas holidays mostly spend in the kitchen making this amazing and very crispy Christmas Crack Recipe.

Delicious and crispy Recipe

This Christmas crack recipe is saltine toffee made with crackers, brown sugar, butter, chocolate, and vacation sprinkles. A candy and salty deal that’s additively scrumptious and best for feeding a crowd! I like to make homemade treats across the vacations like reindeer chow, peppermint patties, and this precise and sudden Christmas crack toffee.

christmas crack recipe

So proper approximately now, you will be wondering what precisely is Christmas crack. It’s saltine toffee, and I assume the call pertains to the reality that it’s made with crackers and is likewise brilliantly addicting. This salty candy combination is Spotless to make, and it’s a completely unique deal to be able to have all your visitors begging for the recipe.

Recipe ingredients

christmas crack recipe

Here are the ingredients you need to make this delicious and very attractive Christmas Crack Recipe.

  • Cooking spray
  • Forty saltine cracker
  • 2 sticks of butter (1 cup)
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • Half cup vacation sprinkles or half cup sliced almonds 
  • 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips (I endorse Guitar or Ghirardelli. Nestle (Toll House) chocolate chips do now no longer paint nicely on this recipe)

This recipe is made with saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.


Place your crackers in an unmarried layer on a sheet pan. Put butter and brown sugar in a pot, and produce the combination to a boil. Pour the new sugar combination over the crackers, then bake inside the oven till the sugar and butter are bubbly.

christmas crack recipe


Remove the pan from the oven, and sprinkle chocolate chips over the crackers and toffee combination. Put the pan lower back into the oven to soften the chocolate, then use a spatula to unfold the chocolate in a good layer.

Add sprinkles, then permit a lot of cool to room temperature. You also can refrigerate the Christmas crack, so it’ll be installed faster. Break into portions, then serve and enjoy the Christmas Crack Recipe.


 Christmas crack may be made as much as five days earlier than you propose to serve it. Store it inside the fridge, then smash it into portions and enjoy. 


This recipe is easy to make, however, you do want to look at the toffee combination cautiously because it boils. You need to boil it for precisely three mins, otherwise, you run the threat of it burning. I use an offset spatula to unfold the toffee and chocolate layers; it makes the task a lot easier. 

Use superb chocolate chips for quality results. My preferred emblem is Guittard as it has a wealthy taste and melts smoothly.


What is Christmas crack made of? 

Christmas crack is made with only a handful of easy ingredients, together with saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, chocolate, and toppings consisting of sprinkles.

Why is it referred to as Christmas crack? 

This dish receives its call from some sources. It’s referred to as “crack” as it’s made with crackers, makes a cracking sound whilst you chop or smash it, and is also addicting in nature as it’s so scrumptious!

Does Christmas crack want to be refrigerated? 

Christmas crack does now no longer want to be refrigerated for meal protection purposes, however, I do opt to save mine inside the fridge. If you save it at room temperature, it could get gentle in case your kitchen is warm. I generally hold it inside the fridge, then allow it to take a seat down out for approximately 10 minutes earlier than serving, in order that it comes as much as room temperature for eating.


christmas crack recipe

This recipe is scrumptious as-is, however, you could effortlessly alternate the components to personalize the flavors to your tastes.


Not keen on semisweet chocolate? Milk or white chocolate will even paint nicely. You may even use varieties of chocolate and swirl them together! 


While saltine crackers are traditional, you could use different varieties of crackers, inclusive of Ritz or graham crackers, with accurate results.


Swap out the sprinkles for a distinctive topping inclusive of chopped nuts, coconut, or mini M&M candies. This recipe can effortlessly be doubled in case you want to feed a crowd. Simply double the components and unfold the crackers over sheet pans in preference to one. You may also need to plot to make a double batch due to the fact these things are going fast!

Serve and Enjoy

You must try this delicious recipe when you make it I’m 100 % sure you must like this recipe and make it again and again. You serve and enjoy this wonderful and very crispy Christmas Crack Recipe. I love to eat this crispy crunchy recipe. You also make it for your guest to show a very impressive dish.

christmas crack recipe

The delicious flavor of the recipe must win your hurt and the amazing texture trapped your eyes. You must try this recipe, it never disappoints and hurt you on making this delicious and very smooth creamy recipe. You can also Freeze and Store this recipe for further use. You eat and enjoy this unique Christmas Crack Recipe any meal of the day when you want to eat some yummy and crunchy dish. Make your day with a yummy and healthy recipe. Make, serve and enjoy!


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