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 How To Make Steamed Bao Buns At Home

steamed bao buns
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My weekend spends mostly making soft and smooth Steamed Bao Buns. I really love it. It’s the perfect match for any food. Just fill and eat. On holidays, my family just demands tasty and very palatable Steamed Bao Buns. You add different types of filling to it. What do you say about this luscious and flavorful recipe?  These steamed bao buns are one of our favorite fashions to make on a date night in.


I fix the stuffing while Jack mixes up the dough. Also, we eat! Making these fumed bao buns is our idea of the perfect Valentine’s date. See, Jack and I enjoy going out to eat, but no way on Valentine’s Day. The cafés and restaurants are more crowded, the food is more precious, and we always end up having further fun at home. So we skip the crowds and celebrate simply, spending time together making commodities we both love. 

Fluffy and Soft Buns Recipe 

In times past, we’ve learned to make pasta (I make a succulent sauce while he cranks the pasta maker), manual pizza (Jack does the crust while I do the condiments), or sushi (I fix the paddings, and he rolls it up), but recently, we’ve been hooked on these cute little bao buns! Still, they’re the perfect couples’ cuisine design, if you ask me. One person (Jack) can make the dough while the other (me) can whip up a fun, fresh stuffing. Also, combine the two to make a succulent date night meal! Making these bao buns would be a fun design any night, with friends, a partner, or indeed solo.

The buns themselves are soft and fluffy. Stuffed with salty marinated tempeh, avocado, and lots of fresh seasoning, they come with mini explosions of texture and flavor. Trust me, this form’s a bone you don’t want to miss!

Recipe Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you need to make these soft and perfect Steamed Bao Buns.

Bao Buns


How to Make it 

It’s very easy and simple to make this recipe. Just 20 to 30 minutes are required to make it. Mostly the time requires just for the steam of buns. Ready to cook? Then’s what you need to do.

First Step

First, make the dough. Stir together dried yeast, sugar, and warm water, and set them away for 5 minutes, until the incentive becomes sudsy. Also, combine the dry constituents in a large mixing coliseum, and add the incentive admixture and avocado oil. Mix to form a rough ball. Turn it out onto a smoothly floured face and knead roundly until the dough is smooth and elastic about 5 minutes. Set it away to rise for 45 minutes.

Second Step

When the dough has risen, cut out the bao buns. Use a rolling leg to roll out the dough until its 1/ 4- inches thick. Also, use a drinking glass to cut out 3- inch circles of dough and place each one on a forecourt of parchment paper. Encounter the covers with oil painting and fold each piece of dough in half, pressing it down just smoothly. 

Third Step


Cover the buns with plastic serape and let them rise for another hour. They won’t have relatively doubled in size, but they will have puffed up slightly before you move on to the coming step.

Four Step

Eventually, cook! Transfer each bun, to make our bao buns properly cook, still on its parchment square, now the time to a bamboo steamer set over an inch of water to properly soften and rise the Bao buns. Cover and steam until puffed, required 9 to 11 minutes for better results. That’s it!

Bao Buns Filling

Bun Recipe Tips

Serve and Enjoy Bao Buns

Their balanced and perfect steam flavor adds excitement to the food. I and jack mostly on a weekend made these Steamed Bao Buns to enjoy for a few weeks. If you asked me about some smooth and delicious buns, I only recommend you make and enjoy Steamed Bao Buns. You must try this bun recipe. Its delicious and fluffy taste insisted you make it again and again.

You serve and enjoy these delicious and smooth Steam Bao Buns with your friends and family. You can also add it to the menu of your party. I’m 100% sure it’s the perfect dish to enhance the excitement of your party. I think it’s best lunch and breakfast for your special guest. You can freeze and Store these Steam Bao buns for a few weeks to use. Its smooth and delicious filling is mouth-watering. I love to make and eat these tasty bao buns. Make, Serve and Enjoy the recipe!


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