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Easy Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

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Today I’m very happy, today I’ll make my favorite dish. I hope so, it’s also your favorite dish. If you don’t like it try this recipe, I’m 100 % sure it insisted you make it again and again. Here you learn how to make this delicious and yummy Sautéed Mushrooms recipe. It’s very meaty, savory, and super simple to make, they’re delicious and easy to make. 

I advise you, if you want next time a very quick and easy veggie mushroom side dish, look no further recipe search than this sautéed mushrooms recipe best to make your recipe more delicious and yummy. 


Easy to make

You need only just 8 easy ingredients and cooks up in just 15 minutes, so it’s a very simple and easy recipe to make in less time and its spicy tangy flavor falls in your love. Its crunchy crispy flavor insisted you make it again and again. 

And it’s very rich in flavor, too! As you know, fresh mushrooms have a very sharp color, and on making and frying, they enhance the flavor of many different dishes, with umami flavor on their own. You really love it. 

Here, I highlight it with a drizzle of tamari and tangy rice vinegar to increase the flavor. Then, I add some well-minced garlic to the mushroom recipe. It’s an amazing aroma and flavor, and it’s lovely. Then I also shower fresh and light tarragon in my dish.


Delicious Sautéed Mushrooms  

Our all ingredients when combined give a very yummy flavor. On sautéed, the texture of the mushroom is amazing, and you want to eat it right now.

They pair well with pasta, polenta, pizza, and many more you like to eat, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to eat them straight out of the skillet. And enjoy their rich and delicious yummy taste.


 Recipe Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you need to make this delicious and tangy crunchy recipe. It’s very easily be found in your kitchen.


  1. 1 tbsp tamari  
  2. 1/4 tbsp sea salt 
  3. 1 tbsp rice vinegar  
  4. 2 clove garlic well minced 
  5. 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil  
  6. Freshly ground black pepper
  7. 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh tarragon 
  8. 16 mixed, sliced, or chopped full mushrooms 



Mushrooms of course! It’s the main ingredient of today’s recipe. If you want, you can make this recipe with just the small Bella mushrooms (aka cremini), and it will be super flavorful and delicious. Shiitakes, enokis, and white mushrooms will add unique textures and flavors to the dish.



Tamari It brings out the mushrooms’ savory, umami flavor. If you’re not gluten-free, regular soy sauce will also work here. Its unique flavor impressed you to add this to your recipe. 


Rice vinegar

Rice vinegar for tangy and amazing aroma flavor. I always love to add this yummy and delicious crunchy flavor of Rice vinegar.



Garlic adds to enhance the sharp depth of flavor in our recipe. I add it right at the end of the cooking process so that it doesn’t burn in the hot pan.


Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil helps the mushrooms to give a brown color and adds richness in flavor to a final dish. Never forget to use this you can also use your usual cooking oil available in your kitchen. 



Tarragon is used for the garnish! Its unique, anise-like flavor pairs so well with the savory, meaty mushrooms. You try this to add the end of the dish on the top before serving the Sautéed Mushrooms dish


Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper to make all the flavors get a unique and delicious balance. Add salt according to your taste.


How to make it

Once you’ve assembled the ingredients, you’re ready to cook! 

Here are my top tips for successfully sautéed mushrooms


First Step

Don’t wash them, clean them! Generally, when I cook with fresh products, I wash them under cold running water before using them.

But no mushrooms! They absorb moisture like a sponge, so if you wash them, they absorb water. This means they don’t brown while cooking. 


Second Step

When the mushroom comes to be sautéed, add get change their color and browning flavor, it looks yummy. Then, to brown the mushrooms, wipe them with a damp paper towel. Do not move the mushrooms during the first 23 minutes of cooking. When you first add the mushrooms to the hot pan, do not move them for a few minutes. This way they will get a nice golden color, which will add a rich flavor to the final dish.  


Third Step

And after that, mix only occasionally. Sautéed mushrooms are best when their edges are nicely browned, which results from constant contact with hot cast iron. If you mix too much, they will soften before they have time to color. 


Fourth Step

 Be creative! This sautéed mushroom recipe is as delicious as it says, but feel free to customize it! Try deglazing the pan with white wine instead of tamari and vinegar, or replace the tarragon with fresh thyme or parsley. Or avoid herbs altogether. You really can’t go wrong! 


Fifth Step

 As an accompaniment. Serve them with your favorite protein or hearty pasta like lasagna or baked ziti.  On polenta. Try them in this creamy mushroom polenta recipe!  In a bowl of cereal. I like them in a bowl with spelled, roasted chickpeas and pesto.  


Topping Tips

As a pizza topping. Get ready for next-level pizza night!  In a bun. Skip the tarragon and stuff these sautéed mushrooms into my pan-fried banh mi tofu!  On the noodles. Again, skip the tarragon. Mix the tasty sautéed mushrooms with my simple sesame soba noodles.  On the toast. Arrange them on toast spread with hummus, white bean dip, or fresh goat cheese.


Serve and Enjoy

You can serve and enjoy with your friends and family gathering. It’s an excellent taste and is amazing in flavor, you always love this recipe. You can also add this fantastic recipe as a side dish on your table. It never hurt you on making to it. You must try and enjoy this delicious tangy and excellent recipe.

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