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How to Cook Black Beans recipe

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I hope you all must taste black beans your whole life. It’s really amazing and very juicy in texture. Everyone must have the knowledge, and learn how to cook black beans from start to end. Serve them as a hearty, flavorful side dish, or add them to your favorite black bean recipes.

How to Cook Black Beans

Today you must learn how to cook black beans from start to end. You can serve this delicious recipe as a hearty, flavorful side dish, and you can also add them to your favorite black bean recipes. And must try these hearty black beans. 

cook black beans

When I opened my kitchen pantry last weekend, I found a bag of dried black beans, to think that I make it every weekend and must enjoy their taste. But the other recipes and many other things I make and forget about are these black beans. Today I think to make a spicy dish. 

But that day, a trip to the grocery store was totally out of the question. Six inches of snow had already accumulated outside, and six more were on their way. So it seemed like the perfect time to cozy up in the kitchen and cook black beans from scratch. And enjoy their excellent taste and I like amazing their sharp color. 

Delicious Black Beans

Black beans are an ingredient that I use all the time. Most of the time I rely on the canned type as they are affordable, but when I have the time I prefer to cook them myself. They come out creamy and flavorful, with a rich cooking sauce seasoned with cumin and garlic.


Black Beans

Like canned beans, they’re great in tacos, enchiladas, and other black bean recipes, but they’re also delicious side dishes on their own. Below is my method of cooking black beans. It takes a bit of time, but the cooking process is super simple and handy – a perfect activity for a long winter weekend at home. Cook a big batch one day, eat some for dinner, and freeze the rest. This way, you can make delicious versions of your favorite black bean recipes whenever you want!


Here those ingredients available you need to make your recipe amazing and very thick and well texture 

  1. 2 tsp cumin  
  2. 2 tsp sea salt  
  3. 3 cloves garlic, grated   
  4. 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil  
  5. 2 cups dried black beans
  6. Black pepper freshly ground     
  7. 8 cups water, more if needed  
  8. 1 piece (3 inches) Kombu, rinsed, optional (see note)  

Optional extras:   

  1. Chili powder  
  2. Mexican oregano  
  3. Cilantro, chopped
  4. Lime juice and zest 

How to Cook Black Beans 

My method of cooking black beans from scratch is slightly different from my approach to cooking other types of beans. Since I often use them in black bean recipes like tacos and enchiladas, I want them to hold their shape. Therefore, I don’t soak the beans before cooking them. 

cook black beans

I also find that not soaking creates a richer, creamier cooking liquid, which makes beans a particularly delicious side dish. 

So skip the soaking and follow these simple steps:  

First Step

The first and most important work is to clean and rinse the black beans to remove the dust and discard any stones or debris. Rinse them well and put them in a large pot.  Then add water and seasonings. Since I like black beans to have a thick, flavorful cooking liquid, I always measure out the water when I cook them. 

Second Step 

I start with 4 cups of water for every cup of beans and add more as needed to keep the beans submerged while cooking. After pouring the water, I add the cumin, olive oil, salt, and pepper and bring it to a boil.  

Third Step

When the water boils, reduce the heat to low. Cook uncovered, the pan until the black beans are soft and smooth totally. I start checking mine at 1 o’clock and then again every 15 minutes. Depending on the freshness of the beans, this can take up to 2.5 hours. 

Fourth Step

Just before the beans are ready, add a little garlic to the pan. Finally, season to taste. Taste the beans and add more salt and pepper according to your taste. Then have fun dressing them up however you like! They are delicious with chili powder, Mexican oregano, lime juice and zest, and/or chopped cilantro. Have fun with yummy black beans!

Top Tips for Cooking Dry Black Beans

Go ahead and add some salt. If you’re familiar with cooking dried beans, you might be surprised that I add salt right away. It is said that salting the beans too early can lengthen the cooking process, but in my experience, it makes no difference. I also cooked two jars of dried beans side by side, salting one but not the other. 

Black Beans

The timing was exactly the same, but the flavor in the salt pot was much better. Don’t be afraid to salt!  Fresher beans and better beans. The biggest determinant of how long it takes to cook beans from scratch is NOT when you add the salt – it’s how fresh the beans are! If you can, buy them from a producer or high-turnover store. 

Amazing Tips to enjoy more

The fresher your beans, the better they will be.  Add Kombu for more digestible grains. It is said that simmering dried beans with a piece of kombu seaweed makes them more digestible, so if you wish, feel free to add more once the pot has reached a boil and you have reduced the heat to let it be for now.

Black Beans


Be careful not to boil the Kombu, if you do, it can make the broth taste bitter.  Save some for later. If you’re cooking black beans from scratch, you might as well make a good batch! Eat it right away and store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. You can also freeze them for next three 3 months. Feel free to drain them or keep them in their cooking liquid. Both methods work!

Serve and Enjoy

You can also enjoy this flavor with your friends and family members. It’s very healthy to eat and very excellent, delicious tangy in flavor. You love it on the first try, it’s amazing.

Black Beans

You can eat this amazing recipe at any meal of the day. Furthermore, you can also serve it on their table as a side dish and enjoy its rich tangy taste. Not only that, but you never disappoint and hurt to make it. S must try this recipe and enjoy it. 


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