ASK Italian Menu and prices in UK

In the United Kingdom, ASK Italian Menu UK Starters & Sides, Pizza, Pastas, Speciality Mains, Desserts, Vegan, Beverages, Alcoholic Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and Kids.

ASK Italian Menu UK is a British restaurant brand that specializes on Italian food. The chain operates over 100 restaurants in the United Kingdom, making it one of the country’s major Italian restaurant companies.

Pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts are among the many options on the menu. The prices are low, with the majority of main courses costing under £10. A lunch menu with smaller servings and lesser costs is also available at ASK Italian.

The menu of ASK Italian offers a wide range of traditional and modern cuisine, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Main dishes start at about £10, while appetizers and desserts cost between £5 and £7. Moreover, wine, beer, and soft beverages are available at ASK Italian.

New ASK Italian Menu UK [Updated March 2023]

ASK Italian Menu UK is continually changing, so you won’t be put off by any of the outdated meal options. To keep customers coming back, they constantly respond to their wants and add new flavors to their menu. You’ll be happy to learn that ASK Italian just expanded its menu with a few new options.

The food at ASK is as generous as the guests who visit it. From great Italian classics to gluten-free pizza and vegan options that even meat eaters love. Italy’s impact extends beyond extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes. Like the Italians, they add some strong and lively touches.

Famous ASK Italian Menu Items

Every restaurant, as you know, has a few menu items that are widely known to customers. ASK Italian is famous among Italian food lovers thanks to its famously excellent Italian dishes. If you need help choosing the ASK Italian Menu UK full menu, give us a call or ask your local chain of ASK restaurants for recommendations. We’ve put together a list of some of the popular ASK menu items available in the UK; Scroll down and see.

Antipasti Classico

Antipasti Classico is the famous Italian dish featured on the ASK Italian Menu UK. It’s usually served at room temperature and comes in a variety of flavors, textures, and colors that excite the senses and makes you want to eat your main meal.

The platter includes a variety of meats and shellfish, cheeses of various textures, and a variety of pickled vegetables.


Calzone is a folding pizza that can be baked or fried. It is usually half-moon shaped and filled with cheese and sometimes vegetables, meat, and/or sauces. As an accompaniment, it is usually served with marinara sauce or pizza.

The key difference between pizza and calzone is that pizza is served on open flatbread, whereas calzone is a sealed plate of dough with an equivalent topping. Unlike calzones, pizza needs no introduction. It is recognized and consumed in almost every country on the planet.

Story Behind ASK Restaurant

ASK’s Restaurant ASK, commonly known as ASK Italian, is a British casual dining brand with 120 branches in the UK serving Italian cuisine.

The chain, founded in 1993 by brothers Adam and Samuel Kaye and introduced on AIM in 1995, was the subject of a public-private agreement in 2004, which resulted in a merger with Pizza Express to form Gondola Holdings, which later merged with Pizza Express to form Gondola Holdings. became part of the Gondola Group and was acquired by Bridgepoint Capital for £250 million in February 2015.


Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Starters & Sides
Speciality Mains
Alcoholic Drinks

Commonly Asked Questions in Italian on ASK

What are the costs for the ASK Italian menu in my area?
Prices for menu items at ASK Italian range from £0.95 to £21.95. From the cheapest item on the menu, Margherita Pizza (V), to the most expensive item, Sauvignon White DOC.
ASK Italian’s menu is often available at the following prices: £0.95 – £21.95

ASK Italian UK Webpage Link: What Is It?
The official ASK Italian UK website can be found at

Min Price: £0.95
Max Price: £21.95
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