Baskin Robbins Menu and prices in UAE

Baskin Robbins Menu UAE

Baskin Robbins has menu items in Most Popular, Summer Offer, New Promotion, Ice Cream Pizza & Macarons, Made With Oreo Products, Limited Time Offer, Luqaimat Sundae, Vegan dairy Free Flavours, Flavor of the Month, Ice Cream Thick Shakes, Classic Sundaes, Sundae Cups, Cups, Hand Pack, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Cakes and Extras in UAE.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Most Popular
Summer Offer
New Promotion
Ice Cream Pizza & Macarons
Made With Oreo Products
Limited Time Offer
Luqaimat Sundae
Vegan dairy Free Flavours
Flavor of the Month
Ice Cream Thick Shakes
Classic Sundaes
Sundae Cups
Hand Pack
Ice Cream Cakes

Timing: Monday-Saturday 🕓 10:00am – 🕓 12:00am
Sunday 🕓 10:00am – 🕓 12:00am
Min Price: AED9
Max Price: AED245
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