German Doner Kebab Menu and prices in UK

Mains, Doner Boxes, Canapes, Junior Ready Meals, Sides, Additional Toppings, GDK Proprietary Sauce Dips, Soft Drinks, and Specialty Refreshments are among the menu items offered by German Doner Kebab in the UK.

German Doner Kebab is the place to go if you’re desiring a taste of Germany while you’re in the UK. A well-known fast food chain in the UK called German Doner Kebab serves a selection of traditional German kebabs and sides. A variety of kebabs, including chicken, lamb, and beef selections, as well as vegetarian options, are offered on the menu.

All of your favourite German favourites, like schnitzel, sauerkraut, and bratwurst, are available on the menu. Little dishes start at about £5, making it affordable to savour a delectable German lunch.

The prices are relatively low, with the majority of the kebabs costing less than £5. The restaurant also serves sides such as fries, salads, and dipping sauces. Overall, the German Doner Kebab is an excellent choice for people seeking a quick and easy supper.

German Doner Kebab Updated Menu February 2023
German doner kebab, like every International brand, presented a new menu with products priced at £5 or less for customers looking for quick-service options at “cheap” prices.

In the Doner 2.0 menu, Doner Nachos are priced at £5, Doner Quesadillas are priced at £5, Doner Burger is priced at £5, Vegetarian Burger is priced at £4, Doner Panini is available at £4, and Doner Gym Box is priced at £5.

The new Doner 2.0 food products, according to the firm, can be acquired for transport, takeout, or eating in any location.

Doner Wrap

The doner wrap, commonly referred to as the doner kebab, is a favourite on the menu at German doner kebab restaurants. Layers of marinated meats, either lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, or a combination of meats, are layered in this traditional Turkish meal.

In front of a rotisserie, the meats are roasted for hours on a horizontal pole that rotates slowly. The meat is produced with lusciously moist, aromatic meat and perfectly crisp, caramelised outside edges when the flesh identity in its own seasoned fat and liquids while it cooks.

The doner wrap is thinly sliced off the spitting to ordered and delivered on a plate or baguette with lettuce, carrots, red onions, and cucumbers, but either curry sauce or mustard yoghurt sauce.

The Boss Box

The Boss Box is a unique delivery and Click to Collect merchandise that was produced and launched during the lockdown. It offers an immersive brand experience to clients’ homes across the UK.

The Boss box, which costs £12.99, includes a choice of GDK’s Original German Doner Kebab, KCal Kebab, Durum or Lahmacun Wrap, fries, a side of Doner Summertime Rolls or Chilli Mozzarella Bites, three separate sauces, and a drink.

About German Doner Kebab

The German Doner Kebab is revolutionising kebab production throughout the world! Its ground-breaking gourmet kebabs are served in over 100 restaurants in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and the UK, and they’re only getting started!

In 1989, German Doner Kebab opened its first store in Berlin. Over the following 10 years, the company worked to improve its procedures, policies, and unique combination of high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge cooking methods.

German doner kebabs are only made using top-quality ingredients in doner kebab restaurants. Their wonderful flavours come from the secret ingredients that set their products apart from those of their rivals.

Doner kebabs in Germany are made with lean, pure chicken fillets and luscious beef. These meats are imported directly from Germany to ensure quality and consistency. This restaurant’s special “Doner Kebab” bread, which is provided and prepared every day, uses only locally grown, fresh vegetables. As a result, “Doner Kebab” provides customers with a completely unique flavour.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Doner Boxes
Junior Meal Deals
Extra Toppings
GDK Signature Sauce Dips
Soft Drinks
Premium Beverages

Question about German Doner Kebab in the United Kingdom

What are the costs for the German Doner Kebab menu near me?
Menu prices range from £0.2 to £12.99 at German Doner Kebab. The menu items range in price from the least expensive Garlic Sauce Dip to the most expensive Boss Box – The Authentic German Doner Kebab.
The menu of German Doner Kebab at the store is normally priced between:

£0.2 – £12.99
What is the website link for German Doner Kebab in the UK?
The official website for German Doner Kebab UK is

Min Price: £0.2
Max Price: £12.99
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