great indian kichdi Menu and prices in India

Great indian kichdi has menu items in International Khichdis, All-Time Favorites, Lite & Wholesome Khichdis, Great Indian Flavours, Great Indian Rice Meals, Family Pack Khichdis (1 Kg), Desserts, Desserts and Sides & Accompaniments in India.

Vegetable Masala Khichdi. Garden fresh veggies with spiced Daal Khichdi. ; Panchkuta Khichdi. A perfect mix of hand beaten Moong, Urad, Toor, Masoor.
Restaurant Menu & Prices:

International Khichdis
All-Time Favorites
Lite & Wholesome Khichdis
Great Indian Flavours
Great Indian Rice Meals
Family Pack Khichdis (1 Kg)
Sides & Accompaniments

Min Price: ₹19
Max Price: ₹298
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