Little Chef Menu and prices in UK

Breakfast, Healthy Choices, Starters, Ginger and Herb, Light Meal Bites, Vanities, Wraps and Sarnies, Platters, The Restaurant Bar, Hot Dogs, Old Favourites, Side Orders, Pancakes, Main Meals, Puddings, Cold Beverages, Tea, Coffee, and Drinks are available at Little Chef.

The Little Chef menu offers a diverse selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections at reasonable pricing. The all-day English breakfast, which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, toast, and coffee or tea, is extremely popular among the UK-based chain’s customers.

Burgers, chips (fries), fish and chips, pies, and desserts are also popular dishes on the Little Chef menu. A kids’ menu with kid-friendly dishes like chicken nuggets and ice cream sundaes is also available at the eatery. The Little Chef menu is hard to surpass in terms of value because the majority of the products are under £10.

Little Chef Breakfast Times

If you’ve ever wanted to eat breakfast at Little Chef but are unsure of their locations or their hours of operation, you shouldn’t worry because most Little Chef eateries are situated next to an A road, Moto Services, a gas station, or Travelodge motels. They are open seven days a week; the Little Chef breakfast hours are listed in the table below.

Little Chef Breakfast Menu & Price

Try Little Chef if you’re seeking for a new location to get a wonderful breakfast. Their famed and delectable breakfast buffet is one of the best in town. The Little Chef breakfast buffet includes classics as well as creative takes on old favorites. From The Early Beginning to The Olympian Breakfast, you’re sure to find something to your liking! Continue reading to learn about the most popular meals at this one-of-a-kind restaurant and why they’re so popular.

Throughout its early years, the Little Chef restaurant’s menu included a number of well-known delicacies, such as the Olympic Breakfast, the Early Starter, and The Royal Breakfast. The Olympic Breakfast made its debut in 1994 and swiftly won over fans, despite a name-related issue during the London Olympics.

A variety of American-style breakfast options were offered on the original Little Chef menu. Classics like the Chef’s Early Starter and the Olympic Breakfast were available on the menu. The restaurant offers personalized Breakfast in addition to the standard breakfast. Each additional item costs 95p. Griddled tomato, black pudding, pork sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, eggs, back bacon, sautéed potatoes, and toast with butter and jam are some of the additional ingredients you might choose to include.

You can also look at their official website for allergy guides. But, if you have any questions about the dietary restrictions, please inform the staff before you dine. For all of these reasons, it’s difficult to imagine a finer place for breakfast than Little Chef!

About Little Chef Menu

Sam Alper launched the Little Chef Menu idea in the United Kingdom in 1958 on Oxford Road in Reading, Berkshire. It was a knockoff of prominent American meals, with the majority of Little Chefs positioned along the road, Moto Services, and a petrol station. The Olympic Breakfast, Jubilee Pancakes, and Early Starters are now Little Chef’s signature dishes.

Despite the fact that the Little Chef Menu restaurant business has been in operation for over six decades, it has faced a lot of problems. The brand was surpassed in the UK by a number of chains that operated pubs that catered to families and businesspeople. Many small restaurants are closing their doors today owing to various problems.


Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Healthy Options
Garlic and Herb
Light Lunch Bites
Sandwiches, Wraps and Toasties
The Diner Bar
Hot Dogs
Old Favourites
Side Orders
Main Meals
Cold Drinks

Ask Little Chef Menu UK

How much does the Little Chef menu cost close to me?
Prices for menu items at Little Chef range from £0.8 to £8.99. Semi-Skimmed Milk is the least expensive item on the menu, while Topper Burgers is the most expensive.
The Little Chef menu at the store typically ranges in price from:

£0.8 – £8.99
What is the URL for the Little Chef  Menu UK website?
The official Little Chef UK website can be found at

Min Price: £0.8
Max Price: £8.99
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