Millies Cookies Menu and prices in UK

Giant Cookies – Round, Giant Cookies – Heart, Giant Cookies – Cookie Pie, Cookie Boxes, Cupcakes, Gifts, Drinks, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea are just a few of the menu items offered by Millies Cookies in the UK.

Tourists and locals alike like visiting Millies Cookies menu in the UK. A variety of cookies, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and others, are offered on the menu. The cost of a small cookie is £1.50, and the price of a large cookie is £3.00. In addition to ice cream, coffee, and other beverages, the bakery sells cookies.

They have a large selection of cookies, including traditional kinds like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, as well as more unusual flavors like green tea and white chocolate. Individual cookies range in price from £1 to £2.50, while boxes of six cookies start at £6.

Millie’s Cookies, in addition to its retail outlets, provides catering for events such as birthday parties and corporate functions. Catering services begin at £15.00 per person.

But do you know how Millie’s Cookies became a household name in the United Kingdom?

Millie’s Cookies is a bakery chain in the United Kingdom that specializes in hand-iced cookies and cupcakes. In 1985, it opened its first store on Oxford Street in London.

It was established by Mario Budwig and given the name Mildred in honor of his grandmother. Its headquarters are in London, and the UK is home to more than 90 of its locations.

How Do You Order From Millie’s Cookies Online?

Order your favorite foods from Millie’s Cookies right away, gentlemen. Any alternative delivery platform or the official website might be selected. The restaurant is renowned for its superior cuisine and attentive service.

Additionally, you may order food from top delivery services like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Zomato. Order your favorite dish from Millie’s Cookies by following the instructions.

Millie’s Cookies Franchising Details

Milli Cookies has over 105 operational locations and approximately 18 franchised businesses in the United Kingdom. It anticipates opening new franchised locations. So, seize the opportunity to become the franchise owner of this well-known cookie shop. Look over the data in the table below. You can also fill up the franchise application form directly on Millie’s Cookies’ website.

Millies Cookies Near Me Locations

Please use the map below to find The Millies Cookies ME locations. If you locate a Millies Cookies location near you, simply click on the map below, and the nearest Millies Cookies location will appear on your map. You can also use our Millies Cookies locator to find Millies Cookies near me.

Millies Cookies menu Coupons

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About Millies Cookies

In the UK, a chain of retail bakeries known as Millie’s Cookies offers cookies, muffins, hot beverages, and presents. It had been given the Mildred name by its founder Mario Budwig. Stores for the company are located in the UK, Malta, Egypt, France, Germany, India, and Hong Kong. More than 90 stores are owned by the corporation in the UK.

A restaurant serving special quick meals and breakfast is called Millies Cookies. He works at Millie’s Cookies Inc., 169 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AE, UK. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with some information about the Millies Cookies menu, price, and location. Use the review form below to share your thoughts on Red Lobster. So that others can benefit from it. Millies Cookies’ contact information is shown above.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Giant Cookies – Round
Giant Cookies – Heart
Giant Cookies – Cookie Pie
Cookie Boxes
Hot Chocolate

Millies Cookies UK Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices on the Millies Cookies menu near me?

Millies Cookies’ menu prices range from £1.35 to £26.99. The menu items range in price from the lowest-priced Single Cupcake to the highest expensive Jammy Hearts Cookie Pie.

The prices on the Millies Cookies menu at the store normally range between:

£1.35 – £26.99

What exactly is the Millies Cookies UK Website Link?

The official website of Millies Cookies UK is

Min Price: £1.35
Max Price: £26.99
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