Noodle Box Menu and prices in Australia

Spicy Malaysian Satay, Value Meals, Speciality Noodles, Classical Pastas, Fried Rice, Vegetarian, Sauces, Sides, and Drinks are just a few of the menu choices offered by Noodle Box in Australia.

One of Australia’s most well-liked fast food establishments is Noodle Box. The restaurant business provides a wide range of inexpensive noodles-based cuisine. Since it began operating in Australia more than 20 years ago, Noodle Box has grown to be well-known. The restaurant’s menu offers a selection of sides as well as both classic and contemporary noodle meals. Noodle Box takes pride in its speedy service and fresh ingredients. Customers may conveniently enjoy their preferred noodle meals at the chain’s sites all around Australia.

About Noodle Box

Noodle Box is a stir-fried noodle restaurant founded in 1996 by two daring young Australians who visited Southeast Asia and were intrigued by the local cuisines and spectacular melting pot of tastes from the bustling hawker markets. When they returned to Australia, they were inspired to open Noodle House, equipped with a wok and working with the top wok chefs in the business to breathe fresh life into classic dishes and meet Australian preferences. 

Noodle Box is Australia’s largest franchised noodle restaurant brand, with over 80 locations.

If you want to enjoy Southeast Asian cuisine, head to Noodle Box menu . The restaurant’s cuisine attempts to introduce Australians to the tastes of hawker food booths. They use professional chefs, organic, fresh ingredients, and cook them to give them the ideal wok-charred flavor.

Noodle Specialties, Classic Noodle, Rice Favorites, and Side Dishes are the four food categories that make up the Noodle Box menu. Customers’ favorite item is the Combination, which is listed under Noodle Specialist. 

It is a delectable combination of thin egg noodles, char siu roast pork, fresh vegetables, prawns and shrimp, poultry, and pig.

Mee Goreng, a seafood feast of calamari, shrimp, prawns, fish cakes, fresh vegetables, tofu, and thick egg noodles in a mild Malay sauce, is another must-try meal. The remaining Noodle Specialty options are Garlic Prawns, Satay Chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken. Mongolian Beef, Kway Teow, Blackbean Char Beef, Honey Soy Chicken, Singapore Noodles, and Hot and Spicy are all part of the Classic Noodle category. 

They have Chicken with Egg Rice, Nasi Goreng, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Special Fried Rice, which is their original fried rice with char siu roast pork, bean sprouts, shrimp, spring onions, green peas, and egg with their unique flavor. Additionally, Pork Bun, Veggie Spring Roll, Chicken Dimsum, and Panko Prawns are available at Noodle Box.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Spicy Malaysian Satay
Value Meals
Speciality Noodles
Classic Noodles
Rice Dishes

FAQ for Noodle Box Australia

What are the menu pricing for Noodle Box in my area?

Prices for menu items at Noodle Box range from A$3.5 to A$84.95. From the cheapest item on the menu, Prawn Crackers, to the most expensive one, Large Family Meal.

The Noodle Box menu’s price range at the shop often ranges from:

A$3.5 – A$84.95

What is the website link for Noodle Box Australia?

The official Noodle Box Australia website is located at


Min Price: A$3.5
Max Price: A$84.95
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