Sharetea Menu and prices in Australia

Sharetea Menu Australia

In Australia, Sharetea offers menu items such as Premium Milk Tea, Yoghurt Series, Favourites, Flavoured Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Smoothies, Crushes, Milk Tea, and Natural Tea.

Sharetea is a well-known Taiwanese bubble tea franchise with over 500 locations in 22 countries. The first Sharetea menu store debuted in Taipei in 1992, and the firm has since grown to Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Sharetea serves a broad range of bubble tea beverages, including milk tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, fruit tea, and yogurt tea. The firm also sells smoothies and frappes.

The menu at Sharetea menu has relatively affordable rates, with a small drink starting at just $3.50. 

The business also provides lunch combination dishes, which start at $9.90, for those who want something a little heartier.

Menu for ShareTea Australia

Sharetea was started in Taiwan in 1992 and launched in Australia in 2012. Sharetea has always prioritized worldwide expansion via innovation and the promotion of a distinct tea spirit. They now have over 1000 locations globally and 70 stores in Australia. 

Their products are currently offered on four continents and in 30 countries, including the world’s leading markets of the United States, Canada, and Singapore. Customers from all around the world adore Sharetea for its fresh teas with distinct flavors. Sharetea is well-known for its exceptional quality, exceptional service, and customer-centric company style.

They obtain tea from their own plantations in Taiwan and other materials from trustworthy suppliers in Australia and Taiwan. Sharetea has identified growth potential in light of the need for organic on-the-go drinks and the worldwide consumption of tea. They are now anticipating expanding their menu to include more nutritious alternatives.

A variety of perfectly flavored teas are available on the Australian Sharetea menu. They specialize in natural teas, smoothies, crushes, premium milk tea, fruit-flavored tea, and classic milk teas. Their premium milk teas, which come in flavors including coffee, chocolate, lychee, mango, strawberry, watermelon, and matcha, are a particular favorite among bubble tea fans.

Their favorite milky treats are dipped in brown sugar syrup and presented with an ice cream topping. Guests may select from a variety of fruits or sample their Tiger Fresh Milk with Oreo. Smoothies and crushes are also available in a range of fruit tastes. Assam Black, Jasmine Green, Oolong, and Earl Grey Black Tea are among the traditional milk teas and natural teas available. 

Try pudding, jelly, or pearl toppings for the finest flavor. Except for smoothies, crushes, and those in the favorites category, all of their beverages are served hot. Sharetea menu fosters a welcoming environment with pleasure and enjoyment at the forefront. Anyone who wants to enjoy a good cup of tea while getting away from the rigors of a hectic existence should go to this location.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Premium Milk Tea
Yoghurt Series
Flavoured Milk Tea
Fruit Tea
Milk Tea
Natural Tea

Sharetea Australia Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Sharetea menu cost near me?

Menu items at Sharetea range in price from A$6.6 to A$8.5. Menu items range in price from the least expensive Assam Black Tea (L) to the most expensive Tiger Fresh Milk (L).

The pricing range of the Sharetea menu at the shop normally ranges between:

A$6.6 – A$8.5

What is the website link for Sharetea Australia?

The official website of Sharetea Australia is

Min Price: A$6.6
Max Price: A$8.5
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