Za Za Bazaar Menu and prices in UK

Za Za Bazaar World Banquet & Bar is a buffet restaurant in Bristol, England. … Its construction lasted thirteen weeks, and cost £3 million.

Za Za Bazaar has menu items in Salad, Sushi, Indian Starters, European Starters, Tex-Mex & Caribbean Starters, Far East Starters, Indian Main Courses, Indian Side Dishes, Fast East Main Courses, Far East Side Dishes, European & Continental Main Courses, European & Continental Side Dish, Tex-Mex & Caribbean Main Courses, Tex-Mex & Caribbean Side Dishes, Tex-Mex & Caribbean Side Dishes and Desserts Za Za Bazaar in UK.

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Indian Starters
European Starters
Tex-Mex & Caribbean Starters
Far East Starters
Indian Main Courses
Indian Side Dishes
Fast East Main Courses
Far East Side Dishes
European & Continental Main Courses
European & Continental Side Dish
Tex-Mex & Caribbean Main Courses
Tex-Mex & Caribbean Side Dishes

Min Price: £14.99
Max Price: £14.99
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