Zizzi Menu and prices in UK

Zizzi Menu and prices

Zizzi is an Italian restaurant group in the UK & Ireland. Experience delicious Italian food in uniquely designed restaurants.

The first pizza I ever ate was at Zizzi’s restaurant in London. I was about 10 years old and my family had just moved to England. My dad would take me out for lunch after school and we’d go to Zizzi’s. I loved their pizza! I remember ordering pepperoni and mushroom pizzas, and they were delicious! I’ve been back many times since then and have always enjoyed their food.

Zizzi Pasta 

I love pasta! I grew up eating spaghetti bolognese and lasagna, but now I enjoy Italian dishes like raviolis, penne, and fusilli. I’m not sure if I prefer the fresh pasta or the dried pasta, but either way, I’ll eat it! Zizzi Menu and prices.

Zizzi Chicken

One of my favorite meals is chicken parmesan. I love how crispy the breadcrumbs get and how the cheese melts over the top. I also love how the sauce gets poured right onto the chicken and drizzled around the plate.

Zizzi Lasagne

Lasagne is one of my favorite foods. There’s nothing better than having a big bowl of cheesy goodness! I especially love the tomato basil sauce Zizzi Menu and prices.

Zizzi Risotto

Risotto is one of my favorite things to order at restaurants. I love how creamy the rice becomes once cooked. I also love how each bite gives you a little bit of everything.

Zizzi Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is a classic dish. I love the meaty flavor of the beef and the rich tomato sauce.

Zizzi Meatballs

Meatballs are great appetizers. You can put them on a bun with some marinara sauce and call it a day. Or, you can make them into balls and bake them until golden brown Zizzi Menu and prices. Either way, they’re tasty!

Restaurant Menu & Prices:

Starters & Sides
Beer & Cider
Red Wine
White Wine
Fizz & Bubbles

Min Price: £1
Max Price: £25.5
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