sautéed green beans

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

I know green beans taste unique and different, better than other beans. I really love to make this recipe. It’s the perfect dish to finish your hunger at any time. It’s very tasty and simple to make. In just 10 to 15 minutes, it’s ready to eat and enjoy its amazing taste. 

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe


When you make this Sautéed Green Beans, It always impresses you and insisted you make it again and again. It’s a very delicious and crispy flavor, I really like it, and also love my family. Sautéed Green Beans are very healthy and perfect for all people to eat.  When we sautéed these green beans, the amazing fragrance is the cause of mouth-watering. 

Delicious and Tasty Green Beans

This sautéed inexperienced beans recipe is a scrumptious, quick, and clean veggie aspect dish! Lemon juice, garlic, and clean thyme fill it with a bright, zingy flavor. If you want a last-minute aspect dish for the holiday, this sautéed inexperienced Sautéed Green Beans recipe might be perfect. 

sautéed green beans

It requires beneath Neath 10 components and chefs in beneath Neath 10 minutes (bonus: no oven required!) so that you can whip it up properly earlier than you devour. But don’t permit its simplicity to idiot you. 

Simple and Easy Recipe

This sautéed inexperienced beans recipe is probably clean to make, however, it’s nevertheless bursting with flavor. 

sautéed green beans

I sauté clean inexperienced beans till their crisp-soft and colorful inexperienced. Then, I toss them with a zingy lemon-Dijon dressing. It offers the beans a bright, garlicky bite, making them so scrumptious that you’ll need to devour them immediately from the serving bowl.

Recipe Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that you’ll need to make this easy sautéed green beans recipe

  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 garlic clove, grated
  • Three tablespoons water
  • Freshly floor black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon clean lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon clean thyme leaves
  • 2 teaspoons good quality virgin olive oil
  • 12 oz. clean inexperienced beans, trimmed

Green beans

Sea Salt and pepper

Of course! It’s our main ingredient without green beans, we do not start and make our recipe. Opt for sparkling, now no longer frozen, inexperienced beans here. 

Their firm, pleasant texture virtually elevates this easy recipe. I like to apply haricots verbs, even though any kind of string of beans works nicely.

Extra-virgin olive oil

olive oil

For cooking, the inexperienced beans. It gives very amazing and delicious texture to our Sautéed Green Beans recipe.


olive oil

It creates steam inside the skillet, assisting the beans to melt all manner through. For a little creamy texture and properly cook.

Lemon juice

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

For very rich bright and light freshening. And very amazing aroma flavor in the recipe.


Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

It offers the inexperienced beans a sharp, savory bite.

Dijon’s mustard

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

For a peppery tang, crispy flavor adds to the recipe.


Fresh thyme leaves

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

They upload an earthy, lemony taste.

Sea Salt and pepper

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

To make the recipe, all the flavors very well pop. To give a proper balance to the taste of the recipe.

How to make it

Try this simple recipe just ready in some time and enjoy their amazing Sautéed Green Beans taste again and again. 

First Step

To make this sautéed inexperienced beans recipe, begin via way of means of prepping the dressing inside the backside of a massive bowl. 

Whisk collectively the lemon juice, garlic, mustard, salt, pepper, and thyme leaves till smooth, then set aside.

Second Step

Next, prepare dinner with inexperienced beans. To absolutely prepare dinner for the inexperienced beans without blanching them, I toss them with a few olive oils in a massive skillet over medium heat. 

Third Step

Then, I upload a dash of water to the pan and cowl it. The water creates steam, which facilitates the inexperienced beans to prepare dinner all the manner through. Without it, they’d brown outdoors without softening inside the middle.

Fourth Step

When the beans are vivid inexperienced and tender, upload them to the bowl with the dressing and toss them to coat. Season to taste, and switch them to a serving platter. Enjoy!

Recipe Variations

I love those sautéed inexperienced beans with garlic, Dijon, and lemon, however, that’s now no longer the best manner to season them! If you prefer, since loose to apply some other dressing, sauce, or seasoning.

Here are some thoughts to get you started

Make buttery inexperienced beans. While the beans are warm, toss them with a pat of garlic butter or herded compound butter. Garnish with sparkling parsley!

Bring out their nutty taste with drizzles of sesame ginger dressing or sesame oil.

Summary Twist Recipe

Try a summery twist. Toss the beans with purple pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, sparkling basil, and Italian dressing.

Or upload a little sweetness. Drizzle them with this mustard vinaigrette. The sautéed inexperienced beans might additionally be scrumptious with my creamy dill sauce, romesco sauce, or Greek salad dressing.

Let me recognize what versions you try!

 Serving Suggestions

This sautéed inexperienced beans recipe is a flexible aspect dish. I find it irresistible with comforting fall and wintry weather recipes like my butternut squash risotto, filled shells, eggplant rollatini, and cauliflower pasta, even though it pairs well with an easy protein too.

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

It’s additionally a splendid addition to a vacation meal. Serve it along with traditional aspect dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy. If you’re seeking out extra excursion recipe ideas, take a look at this post!

This recipe is quality on the day it’s made. Get a head, to begin by trimming the inexperienced beans up to two days in advance. You can also make the dressing in advance of time. It will hold in a small jar or hermetic box inside the fridge for up to two days.

Serve and Enjoy Sautéed Green Beans 

You make and serve this fantastic recipe, I’m 100% sure it’s made perfectly. You enjoy their delicious and fantastic taste with your friends and family members. It’s a vibrant color and delicious tangy flavor giving you a very light, bright, fresh feeling. You also serve this outstanding dish in front of the guest. It’s very easy to make and yummy to eat. 

Easy Sautéed Green Beans Recipe

You can also serve this delicious and wonderful dish put on your table as a side dish to enjoy their taste. You must try this amazing recipe, you’re never disappointed and hurt to make this recipe. Its tangy, creamy texture and flavor win your heart. You can also store this dish. Get frozen and eat any time when you want to enjoy their delicious taste. Make and enjoy the Sautéed Green Beans recipe.


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